Castillejos, Zambales May 2013 Midterm Elections Results (Partial and Unofficial)



85.71% of ERs processed
as of May 15, 12:53AM

  2. BILLMAN, WILMA (SZP) 7206


85.71% of ERs processed
as of May 15, 12:53AM

  1. VILORIA, RESTY (SZP) 9023


85.71% of ERs processed
as of May 15, 12:53AM

  1. ESPOSO, NIÑO (SZP) 8591
  2. SALIH, RIZAL JR. (SZP) 8345
  5. DALIT, JOY MARIE (PMP) 7894
  6. DALIT, CLAUDE SR. (SZP) 7347
  10. MANGOSING, RICO (PMP) 5330
  11. TUGADI, ALBERT (PMP) 5274
  13. MANZANO, ARTURO (PMP) 4917
  14. PADILLA, EFREN (SZP) 4497
  15. FOSTER, SONIA (SZP) 4235

Source: COMELEC Transparency Server,


Closing Remarks – TOSP Region 3 Formation Program Welcome Dinner Program

Ramon Magsaysay Technological University

April 18, 2013

By Danilo Villar Rogayan Jr. 

383296_10200905215262979_1099408996_nBenjamin Franklin once said, “If you want to be remembered after you are dead, write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.

Dr. Cornelio C. Garcia, RMTU President, our distinguished keynote speaker Mr. Alfonso “Coke” Bolipata, the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines Region 3 Alumni Community of Heroes (TOSP R3ACH) headed by its chairperson, Mr. Jonathan de Quiroz, officials, faculty and staff of this university, the outstanding 17 regional finalists of this year’s search, friends, ladies and gentlemen, a historical evening!

Trailing back the history, it was on June 19, 1961, in simultaneous with the centennial birth of Dr. Jose Rizal, when Mr. Jose Concepcion Jr., then the publisher of Student Life magazine, founded the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines, an awards program that honors outstanding students who have dispensed academic excellence, exemplary leadership and deep sense of community involvement.

For more than half a century now, TOSP has gone a long way. From a mere awards program, it has transformed into a formation program which primarily aims to hearten and enthuse the youth towards building the nation.

Here in our beloved Central Luzon, the TOSP Regional Formation commenced only in 2008 in cooperation with the Commission on Higher Education Region III and led to the birth of the TOSP Region 3 Alumni Community of Heroes (TOSP R3ACH). The community has successfully implemented the annual regional formation program, rotating the host province around the region – Bataan in 2008, Pampanga in 2009, Nueva Ecija in 2010, Bulacan in 2011, Tarlac in 2012 and this year here in Zambales.

What makes this formation program more special is because we in TOSP R3ACH are celebrating our fifth year as one community and as one family harmonized with our burning passion, fervent love and ignited commitment in serving Central Luzon and the nation in the entirety. TOSP R3ACH, as the home of humanized and positively disturbed leaders, continues its mission for proactive actions towards nation-building, learning, leading and serving for life.

“i CHOOSE Bayan” bespeaks the quintessential roles of each one of us to dedicate ourselves, our time, our efforts and even our lives in serving our fellow kababayans and rebuilding our bayan. It will always start with a choice, a choice that will truly change the course of our nation’s history, a choice to take the road of servant leadership and nation-building as our life-long commitment.

And I know that our choice to choose bayan will give us a brighter and a more prolific kinabukasan. And as we heed the call of our bayan, we are affirming that we are indeed bayanis, the genuine pag-asa that this nation is yearning for.

I would like also to take this opportunity to thank the administration of this university headed by Dr. Cornelio C. Garcia, RMTU president, for the warm welcome and great assistance in hosting this year’s regional formation program. Our profound gratitude Sir to you and to all who extended their hands in making this event possible.

To the 17 regional finalists, the battle is just about to begin. You are here tonight not just because you are the best of the bests in your respective institutions; you are here because you are challenged to think more and to do more as change-makers and transformation agents of our beloved Central Luzon and our dear Philippines.

Marami pa tayong kailangang gawin, naghihintay ang ating bayan na tayo’y tumugon sa kanyang panawagan. Nanaisin ba nating magbingi-bingihan at magbulag-bulagan o titindig tayo nang sama-sama para ibandila ang kanyang karangalan? Ano kaya ang magiging taya mo para sa bayan? Ano kaya ang maiaambag mo na magmamarka sa ating kasaysayan? Ngayon na ang panahon ng pagbabago, buksan natin ang ating mga puso’t isipan at sabihing “I Choose Bayan.”

Once again, good evening to all of us! Mabuhay ang Gitnang Luzon! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

History of Brgy. Balaybay, Castillejos, Zambales

By Danilo V. Rogayan Jr.

Barangay Balaybay is one of the leading and fast-progressive villages in the municipality of Castillejos in the province of Zambales in almost all fields – education, agriculture, industry, economy, livelihood and social services.

Balaybay is dubbed as the “Little Baguio of Castillejos,” “Sanctuary of Castillejos,” and “The Hidden Paradise.” Its patron saint, San Isidro de Labrador, the patron of farmers and laborers is celebrated annually every May 15 as thanksgiving of the people who are mostly farmers and laborers.

According to the legend, the name Balaybay came from the word “Pamalaybayen,” a genus of a tree which is ubiquitous in the community. Some folklore tells that the name Balaybay was derived from the term “balaybay” means “hanging clothes” because in the old days, there were lots of clothes hanging in several household in the barrio. While some believed that the present name of the barangay came from the Ilocano word “balay” which means house.

It can be recalled that Balaybay served as the resettlement area of the victims of the historic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the year 1991.In June 1991, Mt Pinatubo, located on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, violently awoke after five centuries of quiescence in what is considered to be the second most powerful volcanic eruption of the 20th century. Since then, destructive lahars triggered by typhoon-associated downpours, tropical monsoon rains and lake break outs, have flowed down the flanks and foothills of the volcano.

An intergovernmental structure, the Task Force Mount Pinatubo, which became, in 1992, the Mount Pinatubo Commission (MPC), was created to develop and implement the government policy of resettlement and oversee other rehabilitation works. Eruption and lahar lowland victims were relocated in 13 sites which were chosen by the government for being safe from lahars, for their well-drained soils and for being easily connectible to water networks. One of the said resettlement sites is located in Barangay Balaybay which is now known as Balaybay Resettlement Area which bears 14 puroks while the Balaybay Proper was subdivided into three puroks which was previously 7 puroks.

Brgy. Balaybay was led by various chief executives from Regino Saldivar, Jose Neneng, Segundo Cortez, Macario Neneng, Antonio Agabao, Feliciano Reyes, Arturo Pamintuan, Reveck Labrador, Angel de Perio, Arthur Manzano and its present barangay captain, Hon. Ferdinand S. Pona.

At present, the most-populated barangay in the municipality is the home of the Gin Queen Corporation, Green Garden Inc., and the thoroughfare to the largest shipbuilding enterprise in the country the HHIC Philippines commonly known as Hanjin Shipbuilding Company making Brgy. Balaybay not only the center of agriculture but also the center of economic industry.

Castillejos receives Seal of Good Housekeeping award

Castillejos, Zambales Municipal Hall

CLARK FIELD, Pampanga – The municipality of Castillejos in Zambales received the Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH) from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) held at Oxford Hotel here, Oct. 19.

       DILG Secretary Jesse M. Robredo personally handed the awards to Castillejos Mayor Jose Angelo M. Dominguez.

       The SGH is given to local government units (LGUs) that have excelled in the areas of planning, budgeting, revenue mobilization, financial management and budget execution, procurement, and resource mobilization.

       Other municipalities of Zambales which received the SGH award are  San Marcelino, San Antonio, San Narciso, San Felipe, Botolan, Iba, Palauig, Candelaria, and Sta. Cruz.

       San Felipe also bagged the runner-up accolade for the Gawad Pamana ng Lahi in Central Luzon municipal category.

       San Felipe and San Narciso also received P1 million PCF each, an incentive given to 4th and 5th class municipalities.

A Precious Gift Indeed

July 18, 2011 at exactly 7:24 pm, I received an unexpected text message. The text came from an unregistered number. I immediately read it, without any idea:

I’m Prof. Serafin Arviola from the UNAP Award Committee for 2011 Outstanding Youth Leader. Your application belongs to the Top 8 in ranking. Please send via e-mail at tomorrow at 2:00 pm if you will accept the award personally on August 3 at 2:00 pm with President Benigno S. Aquino III at Sarabia Manor Hotel, Iloilo City. Otherwise, we will give the award to the candidate who is next in rank. Please be informed also that transportation and accommodation in Iloilo shall be shouldered by the awardees. Thank you!

I was caught in total silence. Then I started reading the message again. Yes! This was it! This was the result I have been waiting for. After 18 days of waiting, finally the result came. My application to the United Nations Association of the Philippines Outstanding Youth Leadership Awards was indeed worth waiting. I jumped in jubilance and shouted in gratitude as I yelled up above, “Thank you Lord! Thank you! Thank you!”

Tears started to stream out of my eyes. I still can’t believe that I made it to this prestigious national search. My siblings asked me, “anong meron?” I laughed in tears as I said, “Nakapasok ako sa search. Aawardan ako sa Iloilo ni Presidente.” Then they greeted me in chorus, “Congratulations!”

So glad to receive the good news, I posted in my Facebook, “Thanks God! Thanks for the overflowing blessings.” ‘Tis a very advance gift! Then I started scribbling a message of thanks for my mentors who recommended me for the search and sent it via phone. I likewise thanked my friends and colleagues for helping me through.

My phone inbox and my Facebook account were flooded with congratulatory messages and it’s my pleasure to share them in this space as a way of my profound thanks to them.

Ano ba yan Dan. Grabe na ito. Wag ka sanang makakalimot. Dito lang ako. I’m so happy Dan! Nagbunga paghihirap natin. Grabe yung preparation natin huh. Dan, di pa talaga ako makapaniwala. You deserve the highest award RMTU could give. M,hn,ik6nhk0jbnim,I’m so proud of you Dan. Grabe! – Sir Jerry S. Cristobal

Congratz Kuya! You deserve it. Keep it up. I’m so proud of you! Malayo pa mararating mo kuya. Don’t ever change. Always keep your feet on the ground huh, wag kalimutan yun. Thanks din for being a part of your success. – Ma’amArselita M. Paranada

Congrats Dan! Very proud ngayon ang RMTU! You ’re so blessed. – Ma’am Junette Agpalo

Wow congrats! I’m proud of you Dan! You deserve it! – Ma’am Lorina P. Bundang

Ang galing naman, binabati kita iho. You deserve it! – Ma’am Mendaluz Laguatan

Congratulations! I have nothing to say but stay as you are and always be a blessing to everyone. – Sir Eric DS Ebro

Congratulations Dan! So proud of you! Wow! Galing-galing talaga! You’re exceptional. “The Danilo Rogayan,” ahem pasalubong na lang hehe. Congratz again, I was not surprise! – Sir Bernard M. Cambe

Congratulations Dan! I’m happy to know that you’re an outstanding awardee. Keep up the good work. I wish you more success in the future, I know you will! – Prof. Luz N. Corpuz

Congratz! You deserve that! – Ma’am Reyna Lyn A. Sahagun

Congrats Dan! We are proud of you. You’re a pride of RMTU and Zambales. Godspeed! You are more than deserving naman, congratz! – Sir Marlon N. Fulgencio

God bless dear. You deserve it! – Dr. Jo A. Espiritu

Congrats! Alam ko dahil sa tiyagaat talino mo kaya nakuha mo. – Ma’am Amy V. Aguado

Wow! Galing galing naman kuya. Congrats and we’re very proud for you being a member of RMTU family. Yehey! – Ma’am Nora A. Alcayaga

Hi Dan! Congratulations! Masaya ako para sa iyo! I know you deserve it. Proud ako na kaibigan ko ang awardee ng Outstanding Young Leader Award of the Philippines. Pwede papic and paautograph next time we meet? Hehe. Napatunayan mo, kaya mo naman di ba? Congrats din sa parents mo. I know you’re mom is watching over you, at I’m sure sya for you. Congratz again. God bless! – Ma’am Marie Edurain

I’m very proud of you, Dan. Congratz! You deserve it! Isa ako sa talagang nagmamalaki sa kung anumang blessings ang natatanggap mo. Sana di magbago ang Danilo Rogayanna isang mapagkumbabang tao. It’s my honor that I once a teacher of you. You’re a good example of a student na lagi kong ibinibida sa klase ko, kaya well-known and kuya Danilo Rogayan sa San Agustin. Hay, no kidding! Basta promise ko sa’yo forever kong ipagpe-pray success mo sa buhay, sa education, career and of course lovelife. Hehe. Alam ko balance ka lang. – Ma’am Marites A. Abelon

Congrats ha. :)I’m proud of you. Congrats sa award mo ha… Keep up the good work.. Keep inspiring the youth of Castillejos. – Councilor Mike Felarca

Ang galing mo Dan, napapaluha ako. Ang galling galling talaga. You’re the best. I’m very proud of you! God is so great. Napakalayo na ng narating mo Dan. Grabe, napakaproud ko sa’yo. Saludo ako sa’yo Dan! – Sonny A. Santos

Congrats Dan! May the Lord bless your heart and guide you always! – Jumaica Pullido

Congratulations! Kaya proud na proud mga Ramonias eh! – Divine Grace L. Valencia

Congratz Sir. Layo na naabot mo… at sa layo, yung maleta mo dito, di mo na makuha-kuha. Hehe. – Andrew V. Paje

WOW! Congratulations! Based on what I see, it is a well-deserved honor. I will make sure that I will be able to meet you next year sometime in February! – Sir Danny Arimboanga

Congratulations Kuya Dandan. Proud po ako sa’yo! –  Manuel Q. Garcia Jr.

Congrats sa mga achievements mo. Mas malayo pa dyan mararating mo. God bless Dan! – Adonis delos Santos

Congratulations Kuya Danilo Villar Rogayan Jr. We’re very proud of you! Anjanette Paje

Congratz Kuya! We’re proud of you! You are not only a pride of RMTU but a pride of Zamabales as well. – Clarizel May M. Kuhutan

I’m so proud of you talaga ading. I’m sure, your parents are so much proud of you. Iba ka talaga! Thumbs up talaga ako sa’yo. – Beverly Beltran

Congratulations Dan! We’re proud of you! You deserve it! – Davielyn Joy V. Rogayan

Wow! Taray mo, congratz! – Lalaine Ballon

Congratz Dan! You really deserve it! Galing mo talaga! Saludo ako sa’yo! John Ray Minas

Hi Dan! I’m so sorry for the late greetings…I received your txt but been so busy. Anyway, I just want to extend my warmest CONGRATULATIONS to you. You really deserve it! Now, I have a whole lot of reasons to meet you. I’m so proud of you…Keep it up! – Ronz Epiz

Congratulations dear… thumbs up! – Ma’am  Karen P. Andres

Congrats Sir DAN! nice one,,,hehe. – Regina Asuncion

Naka2 WOW! talga nman…SUPER THUMBS UP!!!Sir Dan… – Jerlyn Dela Cruz

Congratzzz sir . dan…..more blessings to come,… – Alvin Fababier

Talaga naman…. di paawat eh…congratulations uli!!!!! Keep up the good work at huwag makalimot magpasalamat sa Ama sa lahat ng blessings na natatanggap mo po. –Ma’am  Ma. Milmor M. More

Congratulations for another great achievement… keep on realizing your dreams… – Sir Ferdinand V. Tamoria

Congrats Dan! Grabe. Amethyst pride! We’re all proud to be your classmate. God bless you more. Congrats Danilo! – Adrielle dela Fuente

Sa wakas na-gets ko na.. haha.. Congratz kua dan.!!! Grabe ibang level kn tlga… haha..Kelan ba tau pupunta? haha.. Congratz uli!!! You deserve it! GBU! go bsed4! haha. – Bryan Jester Balmeo

CONGRATULATIONS!!! galing2..yohoo!!!ikaw na Danilo Villar Rogayan Jr!!!hahaha – Arianne P. Eugenio

Congratulations too, Danilo Villar Rogayan Jr! Magkasama naman tayo ulit sa parangal na ito. 🙂 See you here in Iloilo! – JP Peñol

Congratulations Mr. Rogayan for such an awesome and a very outstanding achievement….We, here in America are very proud of you. – Ms. Beverlyn Antonio-Lindee

Our Mother Balaybay must be very proud of you! You are one good example of our youth deserved such a recognition for an outstanding achievement. Congratulations!!! – Mr. Bong Cortez

A budding leader, we’ll see more of you doing great things. Refreshing. Congratulations! – Ms. Constante Foronda

Congratulations! – Congw. Mitos H. Magsaysay

Wow thats great! Congrats danny and keep up the good work. Am so proud of your success. – Mdm. Wilma D. Billman

CONGRATZ!!!!…KAW NA NGA!!..PINOI HENYO!!.hehehehe… – Ailene Joy Belmonte

Congratulations Dan… We are very proud of you. Ipagpatuloy mo ang iyong adhikakain. Nasa likod mo kami para maproteksyonan at mapaganda ang ating environment. – Mr. Reynaldo Rodolfo

Ang galing mo talaga Dan….congratulations…baka di mo na mabuhat mga medals mo sa graduation ah. – Ma’am  Letecia Adoro

Praise and thanks God! That will be great kapatid!Pakisend mo sa akin yung details ng award so i can share it sa AYLA family. Walang anuman, maraming salamat sa oportunidad upang makatulong sa kapwa lider kabataan at sa pagbabahagi ng iyong sarili.I’m so happy and proud of you kapatid.! God bless! – Kuya Joseph Navarro

Galing galing mo talaga Dan! Iba ka talaga! – Lashaundra Mae D. Ballon

Congratz Dan! Keep up the good work. I know you can reach all your dreams in life. May the good Lord guide you always. Ganyan talaga si God. He always gives rewards and blessings for good people like you. Pag alam Nyang deserve at pinaghihirapan mo, ibibigay Nya. – Lhea R. Garcia

Congrats! You deserve it. But don’t forget to keep your feet on the ground. God bless! – Melissa

Congratz, deserving ka naman Kuya Dan. Proud kaming BSED 4 sa naachieve mo Dan! Princes dela Rosa

Wow! Congrats Sir! You really are deserving. – Ailyn D. Caritativo

Ang galing mo Dan, so proud of you! That was expected. Galing mo, di na kita masight! – Ramish Baldoza

These congratulatory messages would always be engraved in my heart. You are all part of this achievement.

Thanks to all of you especially to my mom up there for letting me see the splendor of the world and the gifts of nature. Thanks to my Dad and the rest of my family for the love and support. To all my mentors, from elementary up to now, for the never ending encouragement. Special mention to Sir Jerry for the big help.

To all my friends, colleagues, batch mates, classmates and schoolmates, thank you for the inspiration.

Above all, thank you Lord for such a precious gift! Thank you for the abounding graces that You incessantly showering upon me. I pray for humility, happiness and good health and may I continue to be a blessing to others.

Few days to go, I will be flying to Iloilo to receive the Outstanding Youth Leader Award for Environment Category. This accolade will be another source of motivation and inspiration for me to do more for the environment and for nation-building.

Maraming salamat po!


For details, you might want to read this.

Rogayan named UNAP outstanding youth leader for environment

Danilo V. Rogayan Jr., a senior student of the Ramon Magsaysay Technological University – San Marcelino Campus taking up a degree in Secondary Education, Major in Biological Science, has been named by the United Nations Association of the Philippines (UNAP) as Outstanding Youth Leader Awardee in the field of Environment.

The purpose of the UNAP Outstanding Youth Leadership Award (UNAP-OYLA) is to recognize and promote the positive achievements of young Filipinos aged between 15-29 years old.

It further aims to acknowledge and highlight the achievements of young Filipinos, educate the general public with examples of youth achievement and encourage and motivate young Filipinos at all levels in their chosen field of endeavors.

The award recognizes the achievements of Filipino youths in various categories.

The general criteria of the said national search are academic achievements, personal goals and other achievements, degree of involvement in local, national, and international issues and significant contributions made in the awards category.

The nominees were adjudged 30 points  in Innovation (the development of a new approach or dimension to projects at the local, regional, and/or national level and the introduction of a novel approach to deal with long-standing issue at the local, regional, and/or national level); 50 points in Leadership (demonstration of leadership through concrete projects or through a strong commitment and contribution at the local, regional, and/or national level) and 20 points in  Partnership (the creation of partnership with or among community groups, the business community or other rural/urban stakeholders which have produced concrete outcomes).

UNAP Outstanding Youth Leader Awardees 2011

Rogayan, together with seven (7) awardees from across the nation, will be receiving the award with the Guest-of-Honor, His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III, President of the Republic of the Philippines on August 3, 2011 during the occasion of the 12th International Youth Day at at the Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center, Iloilo City, Philippines.

Other awardees include Mark Roy Macanlalay of Pangasinan and Jo-Jan Paul Penol of Iloilo for Politics and Governance; Jovic Yee of Albay for Environment; Brenfred Romero of Eastern Samar and Kristoffer Rivera of Cagayan de Oro for Community Service; and Alein Navares of Cebu and Niel Sandoval of Manila for Education.

Environmental advocacies in the academe

Rogayan’s commitment to the environment led him to take up a degree in Education with specialization in Biological Science. He is a nature lover and has a passion in studying the flora and fauna. Likewise, he is a strong environmental advocate, who firmly believes that preserving life on earth is not an easy task but one thing is for sure, it will always starts within oneself. He believes that people would have to look forward with hope, confidence and optimism in the future and pool the efforts as one world in preserving and protecting the environment.

Rogayan has been initiating valuable programs for the environment over the years, both in the academe and in the community. One of the most significant environmental projects he spearheaded is the Vermiculture and Vermicomposting project, an environmental project that produces organic fertilizer from biodegradable materials with the use of vermi worms (Eisenia foetida).  This project is a substantial way of reducing wastes, producing fertilizers and maintaining the balance of the ecological environment. It likewise produces high-quality fertilizers which are better compared to other commercial fertilizers in the market and increases crop yield and lessens dependence on chemical fertilizers, thus mitigating climate change.

He also led in spearheading Enviro-Photo Contest in their campus aimed at encouraging the students’ participation in responding to preserve the Earth through photography. Captured photos were put into an exhibit, reminding the younger generation of the condition of the environment and how will they going to respond to the challenge.

Rogayan also organized various environmental forums, one of which is the Forum on Education: An Antidote for Climate Change Mitigation. He used his eloquence as a resource person in explicating the vital role of education in order to mitigate climate change, which is now a global challenge. Participants to this forum were students in high school and College.

Environmental undertakings in the community

Rogayan does not only confine his environmental advocacies in the four corners of the academe, he extends his services in the community, reaching out to the people and inculcating in them the need to protect the environment. One of his significant environmental endeavors spearheaded in the community is the Balitaktakan para sa Kalikasan, an environmental debate, giving emphasis on the significant roles of the youth and the community people towards environmental preservation.

Another environmental undertaking that he has initiated is the Puno para sa Kinabukasan Tree Planting Project wherein he encouraged his fellow Sangguniang Kabataan Officials to take the lead in planting trees in their municipality to help in mitigating climate change. And in connection with his advocacy in climate change mitigation he earlier organized a symposium in the community dubbed as Climate Change Symposium which focused on the issue of climate change and the vital role of the youth and the community in mitigating this global issue.

Rogayan: An environmental advocate

Rogayan has always been active in initiating programs, projects and endeavors aimed at preserving and protecting the environment. His environmental advocacies are not only confined in the academe but also being extended in the community. He has been dedicating his time and effort in spreading various ways that an individual can do to take part in protecting the Earth. He believes that environment should be given proper love and care as it performs its part in loving and caring the people through its abounding wealth and treasures. His significant contributions in the field of Environment will always be an inspiration for his colleagues, mentors and kababayans.

And as what he always says, “the true measure of a man is not found in what he can do, nor what he intends to do, but in what he has done and in what he is doing.”

For further details, please see the 12th IYD Facebook.

From DPWH Chief to Zambales Gov

Now that we have made a stand for change, we must stand together as one Zambales, to work for the change that will bring progress to our province. SULONG ZAMBALES!!!

Gov. Hermogenes Ebdane and the author (in violet).

This what the Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary-turned Zambales Governor Hon. Hermogenes “Jun” E. Ebdane Jr. envisions for the unremitting  progress and development the province as he assumes the leadership of the provincial government last June 30. At first, I am too nervous to conduct the interview that time with the governor who is not only known in the province but in the whole country and even around the globe, as well. But my doubts of doing such didn’t hinder me to talk with the national icon, who has been in the national government for some years before running a local position in the province. He was the Secretary of the DPWH from July 2007-2010, his second appointment to the post. He was a member of the Philippine Military Academy class of 1970, and has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) where he obtained from the Mapúa Institute of Technology.

As we are talking, my first impression to him as strict and unapproachable immediately banished. I don’t know why but the sincerity of his words melted my pessimistic notions. He shared his experiences in the national government prior to his current position. I honestly told the governor that I am really not aware that he’s from Zambales but I know him very much specifically in his DPWH chief image, as I always see his name in the daily broadsheet and in national television. He shared that he was born December 30, 1948 at Sinabacan, Candelaria, Zambales. His parents are Hermogenes Elacion Ebdane Sr. and Rosario Elardo Edejer. He is happily married to Ms. Alma Cabanayan and was gifted with five children.

During my interview, I asked him about his plans for the province and I’m glad to know that he is really doing his best to lay the foundation for development in the province by effecting “systematic change” in his administration as magnified in his first 100 days report held at the Provincial Capitol grounds last October 27. “The first 100 days of my tenure, we have laid the foundation for the realistic development of the province and enhanced the effectiveness of the provincial government in delivering social services,” Ebdane said.” “We now take pride in our renewed vigor and capacity to realize our common vision as members of Team Zambales.”

Gov. Ebdane, in his report, said that among the notable innovations made under his administration are enhanced revenue generation, a leaner and better-equipped bureaucracy, expanded social services, and an improved system for managing resources. He likewise talked about transparency which “compels us to be honest about how we manage the province of Zambales, and the trust we gain as a result gives us a harvest of support and cooperation from the citizenry. With transparency and trust, we can achieve more, accomplish tasks better, and attain progress faster.”

The Zambales governor stressed that the provincial government has collected P2.24 million in revenues for the past three months, compared to P2.23-million six-month collection recorded by the previous administration from January to June 2010. Consequently, Ebdane said his administration has reduced the budget deficit it has inherited by 28.3 percent, or from P48.6 million in end July to P34.9 million today. According to him, this accomplishment only proves that the provincial governments can double its effectiveness “when we put the welfare of our province above all other considerations.”

He also mentioned that the strict enforcement of the laws and regulations that govern mining and quarrying activities in the province initiated the financial turnaround, which led to the proper monitoring and accounting of local resources and the protection of the environment. Likewise, he said that his policy on resource utilization will not sacrifice the environment for extra revenue: “We do not care for the fines that irresponsible miners would have to pay. Environmental protection and ecological balance are our utmost concerns.” At the same time, he announced inroads made in the last 100 days in the areas of health and welfare, peace and order, agriculture, employment services, and systems upgrading. Ebdane added that his administration has lined up two highway projects to provide the province with a “fast-lane to progress.”

Above all of these, we look forward for more dynamic innovations and modernizations for Zambales as we work harmoniously with the Gov. Ebdane towards achieving the real progress and development we years for so long!


Author’s Note:

This article was published in the Feature Page of the Technoscribe, the official student publication of Ramon Magsaysay Technological University – San Marcelino Campus, San Marcelino, Zambales, Vol. XII No. 1 issue (June – October 2010).