My Lenten Season Prayer

As we venerate the sacrifice that God has given to the humankind, it is but proper that we offer our prayers to this very important commemoration. The following prayer is written by Danilo V. Rogayan Jr.

Passion of the Christ by SaviourMachine.

I pray for those people who blame others of their misfortunes. May they learn to accept things as they are. Forgive them oh Lord for they do not know what they are doing!

I pray for those people who are paranoid. May they learn how to weigh things prudently. Only Him who can judge us.

I pray for those people who make fun of the Lenten Season and of the things about God. May they learn how to pay respect and realize that they were here in this world because of Him.

I pray for those people who try their very best to pursue their evil plans and try to degrade and eventually destroy their fellow beings. May they realize that with God, their wicked plans will never never succeed!

I pray for those people who live in insecurities and fail to appreciate what they have. May they realize that what they have is a gift from God and what will they become is their gift to God. May they rejoice not in wickedness but in the blessings of Him!

I pray for those people who are fond of looking only the negative sides and finding the faults of others. May they realize that God created man exceptional of others. May they learn to appreciate their fellows on who they are.

I pray for those people who forget their virtues and values just because of an evil air of influence. May they find in the deepest parts of their hearts the goodness that God has bestowed upon them when they were born.

I pray for those people who make use of their knowledge and skill in doing wicked things. May they realize that God has given them such to proliferate goodness to their fellows and in to the world. Hence, intelligence mustn’t be used to destroy others.

I pray for those people who live in selfishness and egocentrism. May they realize that not all things in life will be theirs and that they must avoid hatred whenever they don’t get something they want. Lord teaches us to live a simple yet worthy life!

I pray for those people who live in pretension, hypocrisy and plasticity. May they be impelled to emulate the Lord’s genuine heart and live on the teachings of truth and faithfulness.

I pray for those people whose eyes were blinded with materialism, covetousness and envy. May their eyes be opened with the benevolence and magnanimity of the Lord!

I pray for those people whose hearts were cloaked with hatred, disgust, bitterness and rancor. May they hearts be cleansed with the goodness and rectitude of the Lord!

We must remember how God sacrificed just to save us from our transgressions. We must follow His teachings and learn to forgive those people who have erred us! Let’s pray for them that they may see path of righteousness!

Let us repent for our sins. We should acknowledge our transgressions not only this Lenten Season but also in each day of our life. Let us follow the path of righteousness and evade the way toward wickedness.