Consummatum est!

       Consummatum est (It is done.)!

       These were the last words of Dr. Jose P. Rizal before he took his last breath at the Bagumbayan 116 years ago. And I want to use it today as I write this valediction column.

Four years ago, as far as my memory can recall, I entered into this university – mild and innocent – with only one thing in mind. That is to finish my tertiary education and secure my college diploma which I want to proffer to my mom who serves as my lifetime inspiration. She may not be present physically in one of my most memorable events in life. I know, wherever she may be, she is smiling jubilantly and proudly as I receive the emblem of my promise, the emblem of my four-year struggle as an academician.

Now that I am about to close another chapter of my life, I would like to look back and try to reminisce the happy as well as the sad moments of my stay in my beloved higher learning institution – the Ramon Magsaysay Technological University – San Marcelino Campus!

During my first year here in the campus, I felt terribly bad. I remembered telling myself, ‘why did I enter in this school, it gives me a daily nightmare.’ Yes, I had not-so-good starting months in this institution. Maybe I could blamed this into what they say a culture shock or maybe because those were just a welcoming experience!

However, as days passed by, I learned to step up and go out of my comfort zone. I started to mingle with people; I started to build friendships and started to cement comradeship with my fellow students, mentors and the nonteaching staff. Little by little, I saw myself being regarded, being loved, being valued and being respected. I was able to establish a name not only as a typical school boy but also as a responsible academician and later on a student leader and a student journalist.

The past four years of my stay in this institution are very fruitful and prolific. I am very overwhelmed as I muse over all the things I’ve done in the past years. I may not be able to enumerate them all but all of these things polished me into who and what I am now.

       My stay in RMTU – San Marcelino taught me innumerable valuable lessons that I might not learn from other educational institutions. These lessons continue to linger in my heart and mind and will be forever inscribed in my personality as I continue my journey to life.

In this column, let me share the seven most valuable lessons I have learned in my four-year academic odyssey in this institution.

1. Learn to say no.

I am the kind of person who is fond of saying yes until I found myself drowned with so much works that I lose focus on the most indispensable things to be done. Not blowing my own trumpet, but I may say that I am really workaholic. I tend to work and work and work. Keeping myself busy energizes me the most. But one time, I came to realize that I have to say no sometimes, not because I hate responsibilities but because I have to remember that I, myself, should also take a break. Thank God for now I learned my lesson.

2. Stay silent than talk a waste.

I am really a quiet person especially if I am new to the group or new to the environment. I rather keep quiet than say nonsensical things. Sometimes, I was being misinterpreted for not talking or for not joining in conversations. That’s really because I choose issues to discuss. I must say that I should just keep my mouth shut and close rather than to babble with nonsense things. I hate people who talks a lot but without substance but love those who are silent but talk cleverly.

3. Keep your values.

This is one of the most valuable lessons I ever learned. I learned to keep my conviction firm and imbibe on my values and guiding principles even if it contradicts others. I learned to be good even if others are not, learned to be giving even if others are not, learned to be appreciative even if others are not and learned to keep my feet on the ground even if they see me as a haughty and boastful one. I kept my values and that’s important!

4. Never try to please everybody.

They say that it is not impossible to dream, that dreaming is free. But I could say that there is a dream that will never be fulfilled and this dream is trying to please everybody. I learned that you really cannot please everyone. Even you’re doing the best things in your best capacity; these are still inadequate for those people who do not know how to appreciate the good things from the otherwise. I learned that I should do things excellently not to please those who do not know how to appreciate, but please those who believe in my capacity. I may not be the best student in this campus (I’m sure of that) but I am the student who does things in genuine heart and in genuine intention! I never said to anyone that I am this and I am that just to please them, rather I worked hard and let them discover who I really am. I also never asked for something which I do not deserve nor question something which I deserve.

5. Revenge people with goodness.

I have been through lots of struggles, adversities, afflictions or whatever you may call it. These hardships made me a better Dan. I have experienced a lot of the saddest and worst things in life not to mention the untimely demise of my mom. I have experienced being scolded, being criticized, and worst, being condemned. But I learned that I should take it in a positive way, those people who scold, who criticize and who condemn me should receive not my vengeance but my revenge of goodness. I can’t help to curse them because that’s not in my nature, I just pray for them that God will redirect their hearts and minds into righteousness and let them learn to understand and weigh things precisely and prudently.

6. Dare to fail.

Failures are but part of every success. I learned to incorporate this into my system that’s why whenever I experience one, it’s just ok – not too hard to carry. I learned this when I started joining contests, I win and I also fail. That made me realized that I’m not impeccable, that I commit mistakes, I commit errors which sometimes lead to failure. But failure will not exist if one will not try. So don’t be afraid to try and fail. Keep trying and without you knowing, you’re making it to the pinnacle. I am proud of myself that I dared to fail! I may not be graduating with Latin Honors but I tried to be one even if it’s a failure but then I am very glad to have learned a lot! Learning a lot is already an achievement, I couldn’t ask for more! Having awards is just a bonus!

7. Trust most to Him.

There is nobody that you should trust the most but Him. For God has never forsaken me, He has never renounced me and will never abandon me. He is the only one that I could trust the most and I’m thankful that He is always there for me during my triumphs and during my defeats. I learned not to give too much trust on people around me because I may never know their real personality and their real intention. Trusting people is not bad but giving too much trust to them is a crime. For there is only one that we should trust in and that is Jesus Christ, our Savior!

These are the seven most valuable lessons I learned as I have traversed my life as an academician. These lessons may not all apply to you but I know one or two of them could really help you much.

At this juncture, let me express my profound gratitude to all my mentors and teachers who have been very benevolent in sharing their resources, their wisdom and their experiences which molded me into a better person. Thank you for the never-ending encouragement and for the selfless service just to give us the best instruction that we can get. Natitigib po ang aking puso ng pasasalamat sa ipinamalas ninyong dedikasyon sa paghahatid-karunungan. Tunay na napakapalad kong nakilala ko kayong lahat!

To my organizational advisers, my sincerest thanks for all what you have done for me. I may not be as good leader as I am now without you all. Thank you for the guidance and thank you for the constructive criticisms. It helped me a lot! Nawa’y patuloy po kayong maghubog ng mga mag-aaral na siyang karapat-dapat na mamuno at magbigay karangalan sa ating abang pamantasan!

To my classmates – my BSED IV family – I may not be your closest classmate or the best classmate that you had, but I would like you to know how much I am grateful of knowing you all. You have inspired me to persevere and to do all things in excellence. Kung hindi dahil sa inyo, hindi ako natutong magpunyagi, magsikap at tapusin ang mga bagay sa takdang oras, isang pasasalamat ang sa inyo ay nararapat!

To my Technoscribe family, thank you for everything. You made my stay in this campus truly worth it. To my publication adviser in three years, Ma’am Lors, thank you for recognizing my skills in writing. I may not be the best campus writer that you had, still I am grateful to be your mentee! To Ma’am Reyna, my adviser for almost a year, thanks for the trust and encouragement, I learned a lot! To the successors of the publication, I pray for your success! Continue the legacy and make us prouder! Aalis man ako o kami na mga naging bahagi ng pahayagang ito, mananatili pa rin ang pahayagan at ito ang dapat ninyong pagtuunan. Aantabayanan ko ang mga susunod na pamamalakaya ng ating mahal na Technoscribe!

To RMTU – San Marcelino Campus, my deepest thanks to you for letting me dwell in you for the past four years. You taught me a lot and I am happy to leave your portals upholding those precious lessons. Sinasabi man ng iba na bulok ang iyong sistema ngunit para sa akin ikaw ang dakilang tagapaghubog ng mga kabataang Zambaleño. Mananatili kang pinakatinitingala sa lahat ng kampus ng pamantasan!

To my friends and schoolmates, my adings and my confidantes, thank you. You are all my inspiration! I pray that you will continue giving honor and pride to our campus and to the university! Huwag kayong matakot, sumubok lang nang sumubok, tiyak pangarap ay inyong maaabot!

To my detractors and critics (Believe it or not, I got lots of them here), I love you all! You made me stronger and audacious enough to surmount all the struggles that come on my way. Likewise, you made my stay here in SM Campus truly exciting! I will always pray for you all! Gaya nga nang sinabi ko, hindi magiging buo ang aking pagkatao kung lagi na lamang saya at tagumpay kung kaya’t salamat sa pagdudulot ninyo sa aking ng lungkot, sama ng loob at hilahil! Binigyan ninyo ako ng pagkakataong mas maging matibay gaya ng puno ng mulawin!

Space wouldn’t let me thank all of you, but in the deepest part of my heart, I am so grateful to have met you all in my quest of a high quality education!

Consummatum est! It is DAN! Tapos na rin!

Dios mabalos!


Editor’s Note:

This article was published in the Divergent Column of the writer in the Graduation Issue of the Technoscribe, the Official Student Publication of RMTU – San Marcelino Campus, San Marcelino, Zambales. December 2011 – April 2012, Vol. XIII | No. 2.