Filipino Youth, Ikaw ang Bida!

By Danilo V. Rogayan Jr.

“Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.”

The Filipino youth are social actors of transformation and as the saying goes “youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but also the partners of today.’’ It is on that premise then, that youth plays a fundamental role in building the nation. Just like Rizal reiterated, youth are the hope of this land. Consequently, young people are a crucial segment of a nation’s development; their contribution therefore is highly needed and demanded. Thus, the youth must be ready and willing to take advantage of any opportunity that comes their way.

As Rizal once said, the youth is “bella esperanza de la Patria mia” or “fair hope of my fatherland.” He has a firm conviction that the youth can do great things in molding the country’s future. And he is right, the Filipino youth are the partners of the society, their idealism, their burning passion and their commitment in serving their fellow men are the armors that they will going to employ in order to realize the nation’s aspirations that would truly effect change in the lives of every people living in the society.

The youth, with their enormous ideas, can create significant innovations in order to resolve the multitude of predicaments the country is facing nowadays. With intervening circumstances transpiring in the bloodstream of the archipelago, youth can think of brilliant initiatives and noble endeavors that would respond to the needs of the people, of the society and of the nation in general. The substantial programs and projects to be executed by the youth, innovated with the idealism of Rizal, would surely contribute a monumental impact in the full attainment of the dreams of every Filipinos.

Moreover, in the service of their fellow men, the Filipino youth should adhere to the call of humanity. In its deepest sense, it is the manner of putting a period to poverty which is believed to be the primordial cause of violence and crime in the civilization.  The youth are ought to live out the life of Rizal today, emulating his principles, following his exceptional leadership and be agents of change.

Undoubtedly, every young Filipino, molded by the values and virtues Rizal epitomized, can transform the lives of others through pacing essential steps in treading the right path towards national progress and prosperity.

Every Filipino youth has the power of greatness, greatness that can be measured not by the things he has done that made him famous but by the great things he has done for his country that made a difference. Indeed, youth’s greatness is determined by his passion to serve his fellows and his zeal to effect change in the society where he belongs. Their greatness will surely be echoed in the firmament of this country as everyone would shout, “Filipino Youth, Ikaw ang Bida!”