Facing another defying semester ahead

Thank God for always challenging my ability and testing my humble potentials not just an educator but also a personnel of the university.

This second semester will be another journey in my career as a young professional.

Guide me my Lord!


Consummatum est!

       Consummatum est (It is done.)!

       These were the last words of Dr. Jose P. Rizal before he took his last breath at the Bagumbayan 116 years ago. And I want to use it today as I write this valediction column.

Four years ago, as far as my memory can recall, I entered into this university – mild and innocent – with only one thing in mind. That is to finish my tertiary education and secure my college diploma which I want to proffer to my mom who serves as my lifetime inspiration. She may not be present physically in one of my most memorable events in life. I know, wherever she may be, she is smiling jubilantly and proudly as I receive the emblem of my promise, the emblem of my four-year struggle as an academician.

Now that I am about to close another chapter of my life, I would like to look back and try to reminisce the happy as well as the sad moments of my stay in my beloved higher learning institution – the Ramon Magsaysay Technological University – San Marcelino Campus!

During my first year here in the campus, I felt terribly bad. I remembered telling myself, ‘why did I enter in this school, it gives me a daily nightmare.’ Yes, I had not-so-good starting months in this institution. Maybe I could blamed this into what they say a culture shock or maybe because those were just a welcoming experience!

However, as days passed by, I learned to step up and go out of my comfort zone. I started to mingle with people; I started to build friendships and started to cement comradeship with my fellow students, mentors and the nonteaching staff. Little by little, I saw myself being regarded, being loved, being valued and being respected. I was able to establish a name not only as a typical school boy but also as a responsible academician and later on a student leader and a student journalist.

The past four years of my stay in this institution are very fruitful and prolific. I am very overwhelmed as I muse over all the things I’ve done in the past years. I may not be able to enumerate them all but all of these things polished me into who and what I am now.

       My stay in RMTU – San Marcelino taught me innumerable valuable lessons that I might not learn from other educational institutions. These lessons continue to linger in my heart and mind and will be forever inscribed in my personality as I continue my journey to life.

In this column, let me share the seven most valuable lessons I have learned in my four-year academic odyssey in this institution.

1. Learn to say no.

I am the kind of person who is fond of saying yes until I found myself drowned with so much works that I lose focus on the most indispensable things to be done. Not blowing my own trumpet, but I may say that I am really workaholic. I tend to work and work and work. Keeping myself busy energizes me the most. But one time, I came to realize that I have to say no sometimes, not because I hate responsibilities but because I have to remember that I, myself, should also take a break. Thank God for now I learned my lesson.

2. Stay silent than talk a waste.

I am really a quiet person especially if I am new to the group or new to the environment. I rather keep quiet than say nonsensical things. Sometimes, I was being misinterpreted for not talking or for not joining in conversations. That’s really because I choose issues to discuss. I must say that I should just keep my mouth shut and close rather than to babble with nonsense things. I hate people who talks a lot but without substance but love those who are silent but talk cleverly.

3. Keep your values.

This is one of the most valuable lessons I ever learned. I learned to keep my conviction firm and imbibe on my values and guiding principles even if it contradicts others. I learned to be good even if others are not, learned to be giving even if others are not, learned to be appreciative even if others are not and learned to keep my feet on the ground even if they see me as a haughty and boastful one. I kept my values and that’s important!

4. Never try to please everybody.

They say that it is not impossible to dream, that dreaming is free. But I could say that there is a dream that will never be fulfilled and this dream is trying to please everybody. I learned that you really cannot please everyone. Even you’re doing the best things in your best capacity; these are still inadequate for those people who do not know how to appreciate the good things from the otherwise. I learned that I should do things excellently not to please those who do not know how to appreciate, but please those who believe in my capacity. I may not be the best student in this campus (I’m sure of that) but I am the student who does things in genuine heart and in genuine intention! I never said to anyone that I am this and I am that just to please them, rather I worked hard and let them discover who I really am. I also never asked for something which I do not deserve nor question something which I deserve.

5. Revenge people with goodness.

I have been through lots of struggles, adversities, afflictions or whatever you may call it. These hardships made me a better Dan. I have experienced a lot of the saddest and worst things in life not to mention the untimely demise of my mom. I have experienced being scolded, being criticized, and worst, being condemned. But I learned that I should take it in a positive way, those people who scold, who criticize and who condemn me should receive not my vengeance but my revenge of goodness. I can’t help to curse them because that’s not in my nature, I just pray for them that God will redirect their hearts and minds into righteousness and let them learn to understand and weigh things precisely and prudently.

6. Dare to fail.

Failures are but part of every success. I learned to incorporate this into my system that’s why whenever I experience one, it’s just ok – not too hard to carry. I learned this when I started joining contests, I win and I also fail. That made me realized that I’m not impeccable, that I commit mistakes, I commit errors which sometimes lead to failure. But failure will not exist if one will not try. So don’t be afraid to try and fail. Keep trying and without you knowing, you’re making it to the pinnacle. I am proud of myself that I dared to fail! I may not be graduating with Latin Honors but I tried to be one even if it’s a failure but then I am very glad to have learned a lot! Learning a lot is already an achievement, I couldn’t ask for more! Having awards is just a bonus!

7. Trust most to Him.

There is nobody that you should trust the most but Him. For God has never forsaken me, He has never renounced me and will never abandon me. He is the only one that I could trust the most and I’m thankful that He is always there for me during my triumphs and during my defeats. I learned not to give too much trust on people around me because I may never know their real personality and their real intention. Trusting people is not bad but giving too much trust to them is a crime. For there is only one that we should trust in and that is Jesus Christ, our Savior!

These are the seven most valuable lessons I learned as I have traversed my life as an academician. These lessons may not all apply to you but I know one or two of them could really help you much.

At this juncture, let me express my profound gratitude to all my mentors and teachers who have been very benevolent in sharing their resources, their wisdom and their experiences which molded me into a better person. Thank you for the never-ending encouragement and for the selfless service just to give us the best instruction that we can get. Natitigib po ang aking puso ng pasasalamat sa ipinamalas ninyong dedikasyon sa paghahatid-karunungan. Tunay na napakapalad kong nakilala ko kayong lahat!

To my organizational advisers, my sincerest thanks for all what you have done for me. I may not be as good leader as I am now without you all. Thank you for the guidance and thank you for the constructive criticisms. It helped me a lot! Nawa’y patuloy po kayong maghubog ng mga mag-aaral na siyang karapat-dapat na mamuno at magbigay karangalan sa ating abang pamantasan!

To my classmates – my BSED IV family – I may not be your closest classmate or the best classmate that you had, but I would like you to know how much I am grateful of knowing you all. You have inspired me to persevere and to do all things in excellence. Kung hindi dahil sa inyo, hindi ako natutong magpunyagi, magsikap at tapusin ang mga bagay sa takdang oras, isang pasasalamat ang sa inyo ay nararapat!

To my Technoscribe family, thank you for everything. You made my stay in this campus truly worth it. To my publication adviser in three years, Ma’am Lors, thank you for recognizing my skills in writing. I may not be the best campus writer that you had, still I am grateful to be your mentee! To Ma’am Reyna, my adviser for almost a year, thanks for the trust and encouragement, I learned a lot! To the successors of the publication, I pray for your success! Continue the legacy and make us prouder! Aalis man ako o kami na mga naging bahagi ng pahayagang ito, mananatili pa rin ang pahayagan at ito ang dapat ninyong pagtuunan. Aantabayanan ko ang mga susunod na pamamalakaya ng ating mahal na Technoscribe!

To RMTU – San Marcelino Campus, my deepest thanks to you for letting me dwell in you for the past four years. You taught me a lot and I am happy to leave your portals upholding those precious lessons. Sinasabi man ng iba na bulok ang iyong sistema ngunit para sa akin ikaw ang dakilang tagapaghubog ng mga kabataang Zambaleño. Mananatili kang pinakatinitingala sa lahat ng kampus ng pamantasan!

To my friends and schoolmates, my adings and my confidantes, thank you. You are all my inspiration! I pray that you will continue giving honor and pride to our campus and to the university! Huwag kayong matakot, sumubok lang nang sumubok, tiyak pangarap ay inyong maaabot!

To my detractors and critics (Believe it or not, I got lots of them here), I love you all! You made me stronger and audacious enough to surmount all the struggles that come on my way. Likewise, you made my stay here in SM Campus truly exciting! I will always pray for you all! Gaya nga nang sinabi ko, hindi magiging buo ang aking pagkatao kung lagi na lamang saya at tagumpay kung kaya’t salamat sa pagdudulot ninyo sa aking ng lungkot, sama ng loob at hilahil! Binigyan ninyo ako ng pagkakataong mas maging matibay gaya ng puno ng mulawin!

Space wouldn’t let me thank all of you, but in the deepest part of my heart, I am so grateful to have met you all in my quest of a high quality education!

Consummatum est! It is DAN! Tapos na rin!

Dios mabalos!


Editor’s Note:

This article was published in the Divergent Column of the writer in the Graduation Issue of the Technoscribe, the Official Student Publication of RMTU – San Marcelino Campus, San Marcelino, Zambales. December 2011 – April 2012, Vol. XIII | No. 2. 

Grateful to Have Met You All!

As I leave the portals of RMTU – San Marcelino Campus and about to finish my degree in Secondary Education Major in Biological Science this coming April 12, 2012, it is with euphoric jubilation to thank and acknowledge the people, who in one way or another, have helped me to be where and who I am now.

I would like to give my highest tribute and profound gratitude, first and foremost, to RMTU San Marcelino Campus. For giving me a second home – a home where I was able to know myself better, a home where I was able to discover my innate potentialities, a home where I was able to meet true and genuine people and a home where I was able to hone my skills and talents as a future educator. RMTU San Marcelino Campus may not be the best higher learning institution in this country, but I may say that it is one and only when it comes to the development of future professionals not only with knowledge and skills but most importantly, persons who possess good values, good virtues, good character and good attitude. Salamat sa iyo sa pagpapatuloy sa akin sa nagdaang apat na taon, ako man ay nagagalak sa aking pananatili sa iyo sa kabila ng mga hindi magagandang pangyayari na sumubok sa aking katauhan at pagkatao. Hinding-hindi ko malilimot ang masasayang alaala maging ang mga hindi kagandahan na nabuo sa loob ng iyong kinalalagyan. Ang puno ng Bangar ang nagsilbing pipi at binging saksi kung paano ako nahubog upang maging isang mabuti at madignidad na indibidwal.

To RMTU San Marcelino faculty, my teachers and mentors, thank you for your exceptional dedication and commitment in teaching. Thank you for sharing me valuable knowledge and precious experiences which polished me into a better individual. I would be forever indebted to you all. You made me realized how important my chosen profession in our today’s society. Ang karunungan, mga karanasan at mga kaasalan na inyong ibinahagi ang siyang humulma sa kung ano ako ngayon. Ang inyong tunay na pagmamalasakit, pagmamahal, pagkandili at pagtitiwala ay babaunin ko sa aking paglisan sa ating pamantasan. Salamat po sa inspirasyon at sa pagkakaroon ng malaking pitak sa aking katauhan at pagkatao!

To the nonteaching staff – to the admin staff, library staff, RET staff – my deepest thanks for your benevolence and magnanimity. You made me feel at home in the campus because of your sincerest gestures. Thanks for the shared life lessons, I will forever remember those. You taught me to remain humble despite of the overwhelming blessings God is giving me. You taught me to ignore things that are not worth thinking. Aalis man ako ng ating pamantasan ngunit mananatili pa rin po ang inyong ipinakitang kabutihan sa akin. lagi kayong nagpapasalamat sa lahat ng aking ginawang serbisyo sa inyo ngunit hindi nyo po alam na ako ang dapat na magpasalamat sa inyo sapagkat binuo ninyo ang aking pagkatao. Tinuruan ninyo akong mas maging mapagbigay sa kapwa, ipinakita ninyo sa akin na dapat kung ibahagi ang talino at kakayahang meron ako sa kabutihan ng aking kapwa. Habambuhay po ang aking pasasalamat sa inyo! 

To my organizational advisers and consultants, my ardent gratitude for your never-ending motivation, guidance and encouragement. Without you, I will not be a good student leader just like what I am now. You energized my passion to serve my fellows without waiting in return or personal interest. You made me realized that selfless service equates volunteerism. You taught me that I shall serve because I want it not because there is a reward or award at the end. Awards or recognitions are but a bonus of a dedicated, selfless, genuine and committed service. Hinding-hindi ko po malilimot ang mga aral na inyong itinuro, maging ang mga alaala na ating pinagsaluhan sa pagdaraos ng iba’t ibang programa, proyekto at mga gawain sa kabila ng pagtutol o paghadlang ng iba. Itinuro ninyo sa akin na hindi para sa atin ang mga ito bagkus para sa ating mga mag-aaral na nangangailangan ng ating paglilingkod. Maraming salamat po!

To the Dean of the College of Education, Arts and Sciences (CEAS) Dr. Nestor Z. Rondina, thank you Sir for the fatherly concern, for the encouragement and for the unparalleled guidance. You taught me Sir how to be a good educator – that is to possess the necessary knowledge, the needed skill and the valuable attitude or the KSA. Thank you Sir because you stayed by my side in my triumphs and defeats. I would always remember all what you have advised me. Kayo po ang nag-iisa kong tatay sa ating pamantasan at nagagalak po ako na kayo ay makilala. Salamat po sa pagtanggap sa akin sa ating dalubhasaan. Lagi niyo pong sinasabi sa akin na ako ay karangalan ng CEAS ngunit sasabihin ko po na ang pagiging bahagi ko ng CEAS ay ang siyang tunay kong karangalan.  Isa rin pong napakalaking karangalan sa akin ang inyong pag-abang sa baba ng entablado at ang inyong mahigpit na pagyakap. Ito po ay nagpadama sa akin kung gaano po ninyo ako kamahal. Hindi ko man po nakuha ang ilan sa mga pangarap ko, sapat na po ang inyong yakap upang pawiin ang lahat ng sakit na aking kinikimkim sa mga huling araw bago ang pagpaparangal.  

To the Dean of the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) Prof. Anita A. Fabro, thank you Ma’am for the motherly love and concern. You taught me to keep my values and not to be influenced with the evil things in my environment. Thank you for standing on my side and for believing in my capacity. I know Ma’am how you were affected about it, but I may say that life is really unpredictable. Hindi po mapapantayan ng mga materyal na bagay ang ipinakita ninyong malasakit sa akin. Ang init po ng inyong yakap, nang bumaba ako ng entablado matapos kong matanggap ang mga iginawad sa aking karangalan, ay tunay na nagpalakas pa sa aking humihinang loob. Ipinaalala po ninyo sa akin kung gaano karami ang nagmamahal at nagtitiwala sa akin. Salamat po!

To the Dean of the College of Hotel and Restaurant Management (CHARM) Prof. Nora A. Alcayaga. Thank you for the motivation and encouragement. You taught me to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Hindi ko po malilimutan ang yakap ninyo matapos akong parangalan. Lalo’t higit ang mga binitiwan ninyong salita na nagpalakas ng aking loob. Marami pong salamat!

To my BSED IV Biological Science family, thank you for the shared memories, for the laughter, fun and for the comradeship. I may not be a good Bio Sci student without you all. I would never forget each one of you. And more importantly, I would never forget the goodness of your hearts. Mananatili kayong bahagi ng aking puso anuman ang mangyari. Natutuwa ako sapagkat sa atin, binuo natin ang pagkakaibigang walang pag-iimbot at walang pagpapanggap. Kung papansinin ninyo, hindi uso sa atin ang pag-aaway sapagkat nabubuhay sa atin ang diwa ng pag-uunawa at pagmamalasakit. May mga hindi man tayo pagkakaunawaan, batid kong bahagi iyon ng mas matibay pa nating samahan sa hinaharap. Mamimiss ko ang sabay-sabay nating salu-salo sa ilalim ng puno ng kasoy at sa puno ng mangga, ang ating Biyaheng Anawangin na hinding-hiondi ko makakalimutan, ang ating  Vermiculture project na minsan ay pinag-aawayan pa natin kung sino ang magtitingin at ang bawat araw ng ating laboratory activity kay Ma’am Karen sa Lab. Ipinagmamalaki ko kayong lahat Monina, Lala, Hazel, Ate Werlyn, Edjohn, Karl, Arthur and Andrew! Salamat sa inyo at patawad sa aking mga naging pagkukulang!

To my BSED IV family, thank you for the past four years of happy and sad memories. I may not be the best classmate that you had, still I am grateful of knowing you all. I will never forget the lessons I learned from each one of you. Binuksan ninyo ang aking mata maging aking puso sa kung ano nga ba ang tunay na kahulugan ng buhay. Tunay ngang hindi madali, hindi basta-basta, madawag at baku-bako ang daan ng buhay.  Ngunit ang bawat paghihirap na ito ang nagturo sa akin upang mas maging matatag, mas lumaban kung kinakailangan kahit labag sa aking kalooban kasi kung hindi ka kikilos, magagapi ka ng buhay. Hindi man naging maganda ang ating naging samahan dahilan na rin sa ilang mga externalities, maraming marami pa rin akong natutunan sa inyo at iyon ang patuloy na magpapatibay sa akin! Ang aking katauhan at pagkatao sa ngayon ay nahubog nang malaki dahil sa inyo sapagkat kayo ang nakasama ko sa huling apat na taon ng aking buhay. Anuman ako ngayon ay dahil na rin sa inyo! Maraming salamat sa pagkakataong nakilala ko kayo!

To my adings in the campus, my Technoscribe family, my CEAS family, my SSIR-RDS family, my Quantum family, my LHS friends, my HRM friends, my Agriculture friends, my ACS friends and to all my friends and confidantes, I owe you a lot! You never knew how much I am grateful for having you in my life during my stay in SM Campus. You taught me everything that I wasn’t able to learn inside the four corners of our classroom. Thank you for the genuine friendship, for the real love and concern and for caring for me. Lagi na lang kayong nagpapasalamat sa akin, panahon naman upang kayo’y aking pasalamatan. Salamat sa bawat araw na pinapasaya ninyo ako. Salamat sa mga aral na patuloy ninyong ibinabahagi sa akin. Maging sa mga awit ng papuri at paghanga, maraming maraming salamat! Binuksan ninyo ang aking puso upang maging mapagbigay, maging matulungin, maging masayahin, maging mapagkumbaba at maging mapagpasalamat. Sa aking paglisan, nawa’y nakapag-iwan ako ng mga kakintalan at aral sa inyo upang patuloy ninyong magamit sa inyong paglalakbay sa mundo ng pag-aaral. Magsikap kayo at patuloy na abutin ang inyong mga pangarap! Salamat… salamat!

To all the people who believe in my capacity, who never question my ability and who motivated to improve my skills and talents, I sing the sincerest melody of my gratitude to all of you! You gave me reasons to go out of my comfort zone and to stand firmly yet humbly on my own. You made me realize that I can do more than I am capable of. Wala pong pagsidlan ang aking tuwa at pasasalamat sa inyong lahat! Mananatili kayong bahagi ng aking tagumpay!

To my former teachers in elementary and high school, my mentors and my advisers, thank you for your greatest contributions in my personality! I was able to achieve more than I expect to attain and this is because you have trusted and believed in me. Malaking papel po ang inyong ginampanan upang mailagay ako sa kung saan ako ngayon! Isang pagpupugay at pasasalamat po sa inyong lahat!

To my genuine friends in elementary, in high school and in college, thank you for the friendship and companionship. Thank you for serving as my strength whenever I feel down. You made me realize that quantity of friends is useless, what’s more important is the quality of friends! Nagpapasalamat ako sapagkat patuloy kayong nariyan – nagtitiwala at naniniwala. Hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan na minsan sa buhay ko ay nakakilala ako ng mga gaya ninyo na tapat, tunay at totoo! Huwag sana kayong magbabago sa kabila ng mga pagbabago ng lipunan! Pasasalamat ang sa inyo ay nararapat!

To my family, my parents, my siblings, uncles and aunts, and grandparents, thank you so much! You never pressured me to get this and to get that and for that I am thankful! You made me realize that I should not have to be cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude for you to be proud of me. I’m grateful that you understand and believe in my capacity. I may not be graduating with Latin Honors this coming April 12, 2012, I am happy to offer you my diploma. Ang diploma pong ito na ipinangako ko na ihahandog ko sa inyo ang siyang simbolo ng inyong paghihirap, pagsisigasig at pagpupunyagi upang ako’y makapagtapos. Salamat po sa walang-sawang pagmamahal, pag-aaruga at pagtitiwala. Naani ko na po kamakailan ang mga parangal na aking pinaghirapan sa loob ng apat na taon at ito po ay iniaalay ko sa inyong lahat! Ang mga medalya at sertipiko na ito ay bonus lamang para sa akin, ang pinakamahalaga sa lahat ay ang mga magagandang asal at ugaling itinuro ninyo sa akin. Gaya nga po ng lagi ninyong sinasabi sa akin, “Anak, higit sa talino at kakayahan, ang kababaan ng loob at kabutihan ng iyong pagkatao ang higit naming ikasisiya.” Ito po ang patuloy kong pinanghahawakan at nagsisilbing aking patnubay.

To my mom, wherever she may be thank you Mama! This is it, I am about to offer you my diploma. Remember when I went to talk to you in your grave years ago? I promised you that I will finish my schooling and offer you my diploma. Nagpapasalamat ako kay God dahil hinding hindi niya ako pinabayaan at sana masaya ka na kasama Siya ngayon. Minsan umiiyak ako pag naaalala kita. Minsan tinatanong ko rin ang sarili ko, proud kaya si Mama sa akin? Kung nandito ka lang sana Mama, mas masaya sana. Pero alam ko lahat ay may dahilan at alam kong bahagi ito ng plano ng Diyos para sa akin. Salamat Mama, miss na miss na miss na kita!

To my detractors and critics, I love you all! You made me stronger and audacious enough to surmount all the struggles that come on my way. Likewise, you made my stay in SM Campus truly exciting! I will always pray for you all! Gaya nga nang sinabi ko, hindi magiging buo ang aking pagkatao kung lagi na lamang saya at tagumpay kung kaya’t salamat sa pagdudulot ninyo sa aking ng lungkot, sama ng loob at hilahil! Binigyan ninyo ako ng pagkakataong mas maging matibay gaya ng puno ng mulawin!

Above all, I thank you to the Great Mentor and the Great Architect of Life – the Almighty God – for the prolific and fruitful life, for the plenteous blessings and graces, for the strength and resilience that I used in surmounting worldly afflictions and tribulations, for the protective guidance, for the gift of humility and open-mindedness, and for the sagacity and wisdom which he lent me to achieve and fulfill my dreams, goals and aspirations in life. Wala pong kapantay ang inyong kapangyarihan Ama kung kaya’t ipinagkakatiwala ko po sa Inyo ang lahat ng meron ako ngayon! Patawad po sa aking mga kasalanan, kamalian at kakulangan! Batid ko pong hindi ako naging mabuting anak sa Inyo ngunit patuloy ko pong ginagawa ang mga bagay alinsunod sa Inyong kautusan! Salamat Ama, salamat sa lahat ng biyayang ito!


I also would like to give the following space as my way of my appreciation to the people – my mentors, teachers, family and friends – who have conveyed their message of congratulations! I appreciate your congratulatory messages as well as those personal greetings and hand shakes others have given me!

Hello Dan, congratulations! I am one of the many who is that proud of you Dan. I’m grateful and will always be grateful to you that for four years of your collegiate education, you have welcomed me to become part of your own masterpiece… You will always occupy a unique part in our hearts and to all the people you have inspired… More than the awards you have is the character you have developed, a character worth emulating!!! Maraming salamat sa’yo Mr. Danilo V. Rogayan Jr. For sure, your father cannot ask for more, having you as his son. I’m looking forward to see and work with you again! It’s true that I’ve justified the value of teaching as a vocation. Thanks for inspiring us! I always pray that you succeed in every endeavor you have, the bigger world awaits you Dan! – Sir Eric DS Ebro

Congratz Anak! You deserve your awards more than we expect! Ma’am Cecilia Santiago

Ang cute mo pa lang umiyak! Hehehe. Ang dami nga ding umiyak kanina at nung pagbaba mo sa stage, sumalubong ang lahat ng nainiwala sa iyo! You deserve all your awards. Kulang pa nga un eh! Grabe ang haba ng eksena mo! Ganyan talaga, pinagpapala ang tunay at tapat na tao! Congrats! – Ma’am Reyna Lyn A. Sahagun


Sa LET, galingan mo ah, I’ll pray na magtop ka. Stay humble ha. Bilib talaga ako sa’yo! Sana naging mgkabatch tayo para mas nainspire ako mag-aral. Hehe. You’re definitely one of the best Ramonians I’d ever known. Kasi humble ka pa rin in spite of what you have. Always keep in touch ha! God bless! – Ma’am Kenn Lesley M. Gagasa

Ang sweet mo talaga. Naantig ang puso ko. Di rin kita malilimot. And I will forever trust you. I will pray for your success and happiness! – Dr. Ma. Ester DLR Mariñas.

You deserve your awards! Keep it up and good luck! – Ma’am Lea F. Dollete

Congrats Dan! Para sa akin over rated you pa sa mga awards na binigay sayo. You’re truly a pride and joy of this campus. I myself also proud na naging part ako sa mga success mo. Sa lahat ng mga tagumpay na tinatamo ay deserving ka. At from the very start, I know then na you’re destined to be an achiever. Keep it up and continue as an inspiration. Be nice and humble. Mamimiss dito sa campus ang batch nyo higit sa lahat ay ikaw, mamimiss ka namin dito. Congrats! – Sir Marlon N. Fulgencio

You deserved your awards because you really worked hard for these! And am happy for you. May you always be that true Dan I know four years ago. Keep your feet in the ground. Take the board exam after and look for good employment. Who knows! You’ll be the next Science Education Supervisor or higit pa. Keep on dreaming. Keep the faith and you’ll have it! Congratulations dear. Mwaaahh! – Ma’am Karen P. Andres

Super Congratz Sir! May kulang sa award. Di mo napansin? Siguro sa graduation na yun. Haha. Best actor! Ejay Tomboc

Congrats Dan! I’m so happy and I’m proud of you Kapatid! You deserve that! Kakaiyak naman kasi yang mga awards mo! Super blessing talaga yan! – Ate Diane

Congratulations, Danilo! I’m confident that you have great things ahead of you. Keep up the good work! – Engr. Oscar O. Pantaleon Jr.

Congratulations Dan! Isa kang model student! – Ate Dhev

Nakatataba ng puso ang mga pagpupugay mula sa iyo kaya malapit sa iyo ang biyaya dahil di ka nakakalimot ang kababaan ng iyong puso ang siyang nagpapataas sa iyo. Congrats! – Ma’am Mila Hipolito

Pinaiyak mo ako kaninang umiyak ka. You deserve it all. We’re very proud of you! Ma’am Mendaluz Laguatan

Naiyak ako sa’yo kanina. Kainis ka! Congrats! – Ma’am Bevery N. dela Cruz

Good luck Dan! You deserved your awards! Always remember that I’m always here not only as your Dean but as your Big Brother, as a father and as a true friend! Dan, 99% of teachers in our campus believe in you! I’m very optimistic that you will be one of my CEAS Faculty, just signify your interest and I can offer you my humble assistance. – Dr. Nestor Z. Rondina

Stay strong. Move forward. And aim higher! Congrats Long, we are very proud of you! Ma’am Marietta S. Romera

Congratz Kapatid! Well deserved! Good luck for a bright future ahead! Shine like Jesus and continue to be a blessing to others. I am proud of you! – Sir Angel delos Reyes

Congrats Dan! Sana di ka magbabago sa amin lalo na sa akin. – Sir Earl Villanueva

Proud kami sa’yo Dan! Napaiyak mo pa kami kanina. At natuwa ako at maraming pumalakpak sa iyo! Congratz and God bless you! – Ma’am Junet Agpalo

Congratulations! It’s your big day today! Hugs! You deserve it Long! Keep punching! – Dr. Jo A. Espiritu

Congrats Kapatid! You deserve it my dear friend! Pasensya ka na hindi ko masasaksihan ang mga awards na iyon! – April Joy D. Valdez

He is not always feeling blue

He makes others’ life meaningful out of every hue

I will not give hint nor clue

But this is what is true

He is my dude pasted in my hear as thick as a glue

Hey dude, Congratulations!

– James E. Robison

Congrats Kuya DanDan! Natutuwa po ako sa’yo! – Manuel Q. Garcia Jr.

Challenges make us smarter, wiser, braver and sometimes stubborn, willing to take risks. More fruits to harvest Dan! – Sir Jerry S. Cristobal

Congrats Kuya! Everything you have right now, you deserve it! Pinagharapan mo yan Kuya. Wag na lang po paaapekto sa ibang tao! Dami po pumalakpak sa awards mo kanina. Hehe. Galing! Bow talaga ako sa iyo Kuya! Congrats po uli! – Bryan Dennis F. Gayos

Keep high, enroll agad ng masteral while the iron is still hot. malaki ang role mo sa educational system natin. Share your talent Dan! Congrats for all your accomplishments. You have contributed a lot to the university. Kudos! Keep going! Take care always! – Sir Ferdinand Domingo

Congrats! Super proud ako sa’yo! – Adonis delos Santos

Ang galing-galing nyo po talaga! Congrats Prof! – Michael S. Macabulos

Congrats po sa lahat ng achievements! You deserve all of those! You’re a gift from God and a blessing to others! Justine R. Langit

Congrats Kuya Dan! Dami mo awards! And you all deserve it! So proud naging katabi kita kanina [sa recognition rites]! – Monina Joy S. Ico

Dan, congrats sayo! Dami ng awards ah! Blowout na pala! – Viel Torres

Nagbunga na po talaga lahat ng pinaghirapan mo. Congrats Kuya Dan! – Alvin F. Panes

Congratz po Kuya Dan! You deserve talaga yung mga awards na iyon! God bless you more Kuya Dan! – Marion

Congrats po Kuya Dan. Balita ko hakot awards ka raw eh. God bless! – Norvin de Ocampo

Kuya Dan, congrats po! Grabe! Galing mo talaga! Kabilib! Idol! – Walter G. Lara


Maraming salamat po! Dios mabalos!


History of Brgy. Balaybay, Castillejos, Zambales

By Danilo V. Rogayan Jr.

Barangay Balaybay is one of the leading and fast-progressive villages in the municipality of Castillejos in the province of Zambales in almost all fields – education, agriculture, industry, economy, livelihood and social services.

Balaybay is dubbed as the “Little Baguio of Castillejos,” “Sanctuary of Castillejos,” and “The Hidden Paradise.” Its patron saint, San Isidro de Labrador, the patron of farmers and laborers is celebrated annually every May 15 as thanksgiving of the people who are mostly farmers and laborers.

According to the legend, the name Balaybay came from the word “Pamalaybayen,” a genus of a tree which is ubiquitous in the community. Some folklore tells that the name Balaybay was derived from the term “balaybay” means “hanging clothes” because in the old days, there were lots of clothes hanging in several household in the barrio. While some believed that the present name of the barangay came from the Ilocano word “balay” which means house.

It can be recalled that Balaybay served as the resettlement area of the victims of the historic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the year 1991.In June 1991, Mt Pinatubo, located on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, violently awoke after five centuries of quiescence in what is considered to be the second most powerful volcanic eruption of the 20th century. Since then, destructive lahars triggered by typhoon-associated downpours, tropical monsoon rains and lake break outs, have flowed down the flanks and foothills of the volcano.

An intergovernmental structure, the Task Force Mount Pinatubo, which became, in 1992, the Mount Pinatubo Commission (MPC), was created to develop and implement the government policy of resettlement and oversee other rehabilitation works. Eruption and lahar lowland victims were relocated in 13 sites which were chosen by the government for being safe from lahars, for their well-drained soils and for being easily connectible to water networks. One of the said resettlement sites is located in Barangay Balaybay which is now known as Balaybay Resettlement Area which bears 14 puroks while the Balaybay Proper was subdivided into three puroks which was previously 7 puroks.

Brgy. Balaybay was led by various chief executives from Regino Saldivar, Jose Neneng, Segundo Cortez, Macario Neneng, Antonio Agabao, Feliciano Reyes, Arturo Pamintuan, Reveck Labrador, Angel de Perio, Arthur Manzano and its present barangay captain, Hon. Ferdinand S. Pona.

At present, the most-populated barangay in the municipality is the home of the Gin Queen Corporation, Green Garden Inc., and the thoroughfare to the largest shipbuilding enterprise in the country the HHIC Philippines commonly known as Hanjin Shipbuilding Company making Brgy. Balaybay not only the center of agriculture but also the center of economic industry.


Who is Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr.?

Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. was born on November 27, 1932. His father, Benigno S. Aquino, Sr. was a prominent member of the World War II Japanese collaborationist government of José P. Laurel, as Vice-President. His mother was Doña Aurora Aquino-Aquino who was also his father’s third cousin. His brothers and sisters include: Mila Aquino Albert, Linda Aquino Martinez, Maur Aquino Lichauco, Ditas Aquino Valdez, Lupita Aquino Kashiwahara, Agapito (Butz) Aquino, Paul Aquino, Tessie Aquino Oreta. He married Corazon Cojuanco on October 11, 1954

Education. Aquino was educated in private schools — St. Joseph’s College, Ateneo de Manila, National University, and De La Salle College. He finished high school at San Beda College. Aquino took his tertiary education at the Ateneo de Manila to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree, but he interrupted his studies. According to one of his biographies, he considered himself to be an average student; his grade was not in the line of 90’s nor did it fall into the 70’s.

Ninoy took up law at the University of the Philippines, where he became a member of the Upsilon Sigma Phi, the same fraternity of Ferdinand Marcos. He interrupted his studies again however to pursue a career in journalism.

According to Máximo V. Soliven, Aquino “later ‘explained’ that he had decided to go to as many schools as possible, so that he could make as many new friends as possible.” In early 1954, he was appointed by President Ramon Magsaysay, his wedding sponsor to his 1953 wedding at the Our Lady of Sorrows church in Pasay with Corazon Cojuangco, to act as personal emissary to Luis Taruc, leader of the Hukbalahap rebel group. After four months of negotiations, he was credited for Taruc’s unconditional surrender.

Political Career. Beningo Aquino was no stranger to Philippine politics. He came from a family that had been involved with some of the country’s political heavyweights. His grandfather served under President Aguinaldo, while his father held office under Presidents Quezon and Laurel.

  • 1954. Special Assistant to President Ramon Magsaysay.  He negotiated the surrender of HUK Supremo Luis Taruc (May 16, 1954).
  • 1955. Elected as youngest mayor of his hometown, Concepcion, Tarlac at the age of 22.
  • 1956. Press Officer, Philippine-American Military Bases Agreement negotiations.
  • 1957. Special Assistant to President Carlos P. Garcia.
  • 1959. Elected as the youngest Vice-Governor of Tarlac Province at 26 years old.  He was elected Secretary General of the League of Provincial Governors and City Mayors.
  • 1961. Became Governor in 1961 after the Governor’s resignation.
  • 1963. Elected Governor of Tarlac Province at age 31.  He won in all 17 towns of the province, posting the highest majority ever garnered by a gubernatorial candidate in the province. 
  • 1964. Philippine Delegate, Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA) Conference held in Korea.
  • 1965. Special Assistant to President Diosdado Macapagal.  He accompanied President Macapagal in State visits to Cambodia and Indonesia.  Spokesperson of Philippine Delegation – Afro-Asian conference in Algiers, Africa.
  • 1966. Project Director of Tarlac “Project Spread”.  A joint understanding of the National Economic Council (Philippine Government) and the U.S.A.I.D., which was designed to increase rural income.
  • 1967. Elected as the youngest Senator of the Philippines at 35 years old as the lone opposition (Liberal Party) candidate to survive the election sweep made by President Marcos Nacionalista Party.  He was also elected as Secretary-General of the Liberal Party.
  • 1968. Author of several speeches, and many articles while serving as a public servant.  These are contained in the book “A Garrison State in the Make and other Speeches” by Senator Benigno “Ninoy” S. Aquino, Jr. (BSAF Publication).  Senator Aquilino also authored / co-authored several bills filed in approved congress to benefit the masses.  He also authored several privilege speeches printed in the “Ninoy Aquino – Speech Series,” 1968 – 1970s.
  • 1970. Resource person for the Philippines in the International Institute of Strategic Studies, London.
  • 1971. Member of the Philippine Delegation of the Asian Conference on the Cambodian Question, Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • 1972. Philippine Delegate to the International Conference on Japan and the Evolving world, sponsored by the International Institute for Strategic Studies of London, at Mount Fuji, Japan.  He was also the July 4th guest speaker of Filipino communities in Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Francisco U.S.A.


Early Journalism Years. Journalism remained his particular vocation in spite of his entry into politics and from time to time he wrote “perspective articles” for such publications as “Foreign Affairs Quarterly” and the “Pacific Community.”

  • 1950. Manila Times Newspaper reported at age 17; Manila Times War correspondent  in Korea.
  • 1952. Manila Times Foreign Correspondent in Southeast Asia (assigned to Indo-China, covered the last moment of French colonialism in Asia, at Dien Bien Phu.  He was later posted to Malaya to cover the British counter-insurgency efforts under General Templar.
  • 1952. He agreed (while already a Senator and in the name of Journalism) to conduct a weekly television news analysis, entitled “Insight” for Channel 5, upon the urging of his former publisher of the Manila Times, Mr. Chino Roces.  He kept this up until his arrest in 1972 by the people responsible for the Martial Law regime.


Major Awards. His achievements at such a young age earned him the moniker “Wonder Boy of Philippine politics.” Other awards of Ninoy Aquino are the following:

  • 1950. Philippine Legion of Honor, Officer Degree, awarded by President Elpidio Quirino for “Meritorious Service” to the Philippines for his coverage of the Philippine Expeditionary Force to the Korean War.
  • 1954. Philippine Legion of Honor, Commander degree, awarded by President Ramon Magsaysay for “exemplary meritorious service” to the Filipino people negotiating the coverage of HUK Supremo Luis Taruc.
  • 1957. First Bronze Anahaw Leaf, Philippine Legion of Honor, conferred by President Ramon Magsaysay, for services in the peace and order campaign.
  • 1960. Voted one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines (TOYM) in the field of public service.
  • 1968-1971. Outstanding Senator, voted yearly by the Philippine Free Press, the Philippine leading political weekly magazine.
  • 1971. Man of the Year, voted by the Philippine Free Press, citing him for the leadership he showed when his party’s leadership was bombed in Plaza Miranda, the Philippines’ equivalent to Hyde Park.  He led his party’s campaign “with courage, with distinction” despite threats to arrest him, made by then President Marcos.  He led the Liberal Party to a 6-2 victory in the Philippine Senate elections, which catapulted him to become the No. 1 presidential contender in the 1973 elections.


Martial Law Years. The declaration of martial law on September 21, 1972 ushered in the defining phase in Ninoy’s evolution as a leader. Before then, it was generally assumed that he would ascend to the nation’s highest office as the Liberal Party’s standard bearer in the 1973 presidential elections. Instead, he wound up the most high-profile political prisoner as Ferdinand Marcos suspended the Constitution, abolished Congress, silenced the opposition and the media, and ruled by decree on the pretext that he needed emergency powers to quell a communist insurgency and a Muslim secessionist rebellion.

  • September 22, 1972. Ninoy was arrested, detained and imprisoned at Fort Bonifacio and in Laur, Nueva Ecija for 7 years and 7 months, mostly in solitary confinement.
  • April 4, 1975 – May 13, 1975. He went on a protest hunger strike while in prison.
  • May 8, 1980. Released from Fort Bonifacio to undergo a triple heart bypass at Baylor Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, USA.
  • May 13, 1980. Operated and successfully given a triple bypass in Dallas, Texas.
  • 1980-1982. Fellow at Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs.
  • 1982-1983. Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for International Studies.
  • August 21, 1983. Assassinated at the airport seconds after disembarking in China Airlines jet from Taipei.
  • August 31, 1983. Ninoy’s funeral march from Sto. Domingo Church, Quezon City to ManilaMemorial Park, Paranaque, was the “longest funeral march in world’s history.” Around two million people joined the funeral.


What Ninoy Has Done?

Although Ninoy Aquino was recognized as the most prominent and most dynamic opposition leader of his generation, in the years prior to martial law he was regarded by many as being a representative of the entrenched familial elite which to this day dominates Philippine politics. While atypically telegenic and uncommonly articulate, he had his share of detractors and was not known to be immune to ambitions and excesses of the ruling political class. However, during his seven years and seven months imprisoned as a political prisoner of Marcos, Aquino read the book Born Again by convicted Watergate conspirator Charles Colson and it inspired him to a religious awakening.




Ninoy: A Hero of Filipino People or Not?

Was it his sheer audacity to come back to the Philippines after more than three years of exile – knowing the dangers that awaited him – that makes him a hero? No. This audacity had been there long before the exile. How he fought for freedom and justice didn’t happen just like that.

His life in politics started early. Very, very early. He was the youngest mayor at 22, the country’s youngest vice-governor at 27, then governor of Tarlac 2 years later. He became the youngest senator in Philippine history at 34.  His popularity was greatly due to his daring criticism of the Marcos regime. Ninoy frequently challenged the dictatorship. Ninoy once referred to the Cultural Center of the Philippines, an extravagant P50-million project of the Former First Lady, as “a monument to shame” in his speech, A Pantheon for Imelda. Consequently, he was called a “congenital liar” by an outraged President Marcos, while the Philippine Free Press hailed him as one of the country’s most outstanding senators.

As a result, the remainder of his personal and political life had a distinct spiritual sheen. He emerged as a contemporary counterpart of the great José Rizal, who was among the world’s earliest proponents of the use of non-violence to combat a repressive regime. Some remained skeptical of Aquino’s redirected spiritual focus, but it ultimately had an effect on his wife’s political career.

While some may question the prominence given Aquino in Philippine history, it was his assassination that was pivotal to the downfall of a despotic ruler and the eventual restoration of democracy in the Philippines.


Ninoy Aquino: In My Personal View

I remember when I was younger, when my teacher asks me to enumerate a name of a hero, I always mention the name Ninoy Aquino, after Jose Rizal. Though, I admit I am not that knowledgeable then about him, I always look up to this man whom I believe is the icon of a genuine democracy and a peaceful revolution.

There is no argument about what he did; how he stood up against the Marcos dictatorship, how he fearlessly campaigned for the return of democratic values and ideals to the Filipino people, and how he bravely went home to the Philippines on that fatal August day in 1983 despite repeated warnings that his life was in danger.

We only have to echo Ninoy Aquino’s hauntingly patriotic statement to remember his heroism and love of country: “I have weighed all the virtues and faults of the Filipinos, and I have come to the conclusion that the Filipino is worth dying for.”

I am deeply amazed by the achievements of Ninoy as a young leader and as a young journalist. Sometimes, I tend to compare myself to him and I ended up making him as my inspiration to move forward and continue serving my fellows. I have heard almost all his speeches, and every word he utters really mean a lot to me.

I remember one passage from his speech which really inculcated in my mind, “What can one man do if the Filipino people love their slavery, if the Filipino people have lost their voice and would not say no to a tyrant, what can one man do. I have not army, I have no following, I have no money, I only have my indomitable spirit.” It only bespeaks the significance of oneness and unity, the harmony that should prevail among us Filipinos in order to resolve various societal upheavals that we are experiencing now. Crisis after crisis tend to beset our nation and we ended up blaming the government for these without even asking ourselves, what our contributions to resolve these problems are. Like what Ninoy has said, if we remain callous or indifferent, nothing will happen. Let us cultivate our burning desire for change and our indomitable spirit for progress in order to achieve a transformational society.

Moreover, when I was in Tarlac I have read one quote of Ninoy Aquino painted in a wall and he put it this way, “the meaning of our struggle is to be able to return the freedom. First we must return the freedom so that all segments of our community whether from the left or from the right will have the right to speak and then in that open debate in that clash of debate in the marketplace we will produce the clash between the thesis and the anti-thesis and then we will have the synthesis for the Filipino people.”

Truly, Ninoy is a freedom lover and I am grateful that through his peaceful advocacies, freedom in the Philippines was restored resulting to a unified nation with one vision and one spirit. This freedom paved the way to identify the thesis and anti-thesis of the Filipino people which resulted to the resolution or the synthesis towards a better nation. And I hope what Ninoy has done will be embodied to every Filipino for us to be able to embrace the truest meaning of freedom, solidarity and progress for our beloved country.

Perhaps if Ninoy would have been elected as president of the Philippines, we will be able to have an ideal society where no poor shall live, equality, rule of law and democracy prevails, no graft and corruption and crime occurrences can be counted by the fingers. But then, I believe that there is still hope and every Filipino can be a living Ninoy by our own little way.

While I am writing this piece, I am also preparing for another quest of leadership journey inspired by the ideals of Ninoy and Cory Aquino. This is the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Leadership Journey, a program that invites the youth leaders all over the country to undergo a three-day transformative experience and be living witnesses of leadership. The objectives of the program are to reintroduce models of leadership based from the lives of Ninoy and Cory Aquino; to realize that spirituality, faith and love are values that anchor one’s life; to build communal experiences in spirituality with other youth leaders; to respond to a life of love through the call for action and to appreciate a life of sacrifice that is deeply rooted in one’s faith. I just hope that my application to this will be accepted so that I would be able to know Ninoy and Cory and their ideologies even better.

To end I would like to reiterate what Ninoy Aquino once said and I quote, “we should not depend on one man, we should depend on all of us. All of us is expandable in the cause for freedom and therefore I say stand up now and be a leader, and when all of us are leaders, we will expedite the cause of freedom.”


Filipino Youth, Ikaw ang Bida!

By Danilo V. Rogayan Jr.

“Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.”

The Filipino youth are social actors of transformation and as the saying goes “youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but also the partners of today.’’ It is on that premise then, that youth plays a fundamental role in building the nation. Just like Rizal reiterated, youth are the hope of this land. Consequently, young people are a crucial segment of a nation’s development; their contribution therefore is highly needed and demanded. Thus, the youth must be ready and willing to take advantage of any opportunity that comes their way.

As Rizal once said, the youth is “bella esperanza de la Patria mia” or “fair hope of my fatherland.” He has a firm conviction that the youth can do great things in molding the country’s future. And he is right, the Filipino youth are the partners of the society, their idealism, their burning passion and their commitment in serving their fellow men are the armors that they will going to employ in order to realize the nation’s aspirations that would truly effect change in the lives of every people living in the society.

The youth, with their enormous ideas, can create significant innovations in order to resolve the multitude of predicaments the country is facing nowadays. With intervening circumstances transpiring in the bloodstream of the archipelago, youth can think of brilliant initiatives and noble endeavors that would respond to the needs of the people, of the society and of the nation in general. The substantial programs and projects to be executed by the youth, innovated with the idealism of Rizal, would surely contribute a monumental impact in the full attainment of the dreams of every Filipinos.

Moreover, in the service of their fellow men, the Filipino youth should adhere to the call of humanity. In its deepest sense, it is the manner of putting a period to poverty which is believed to be the primordial cause of violence and crime in the civilization.  The youth are ought to live out the life of Rizal today, emulating his principles, following his exceptional leadership and be agents of change.

Undoubtedly, every young Filipino, molded by the values and virtues Rizal epitomized, can transform the lives of others through pacing essential steps in treading the right path towards national progress and prosperity.

Every Filipino youth has the power of greatness, greatness that can be measured not by the things he has done that made him famous but by the great things he has done for his country that made a difference. Indeed, youth’s greatness is determined by his passion to serve his fellows and his zeal to effect change in the society where he belongs. Their greatness will surely be echoed in the firmament of this country as everyone would shout, “Filipino Youth, Ikaw ang Bida!”