Let’s support PRMSU bill!

| By Danilo V. Rogayan Jr.

The Ramon Magsaysay Technological University (RMTU), the only state university in the province of Zambales, is now facing a momentous turning point and is gearing itself in the gargantuan change to happen. Over the years, RMTU has inflicted positive transformations not only in the province of Zambales but also in the entire region and in the country as higher education institution. As a university, it has provided instruction to young Zambaleños and has also undertaken research, extension and production to uplift the lives of the community people.

PRMSU bill In consonance, Dr. Cornelio C. Garcia, RMTU president, has started embedding changes in almost all aspects of the university since his assumption to office on March 21, 2013. One of the transformations he has started doing is the move to rename RMTU to Pres. Ramon Magsaysay State University (PRMSU). The said metamorphosis is being made possible with the support of Cong. Cheryl P. Deloso-Montalla, Representative of the Second District of Zambales. The lady solon has introduced House Bill No. 3490 which seeks to rename RMTU into PRMSU and broaden it as a premier institution of higher learning in the province of Zambales and in the entire Central Luzon.

House Bill No. 3490, otherwise known as “President Ramon Magsaysay State University Charter of 2013,” also seeks to amend Republic Act No. 8498 wherein RMTU was established as a state university in order to “primarily provide instructions, undertake research and extension, and provide advanced studies and progressive leadership in agriculture, forestry, engineering, technology, education, arts, sciences, humanities, and other fields as may be relevant to the development of the province” of Zambales.

Trailing back its history, RMTU is an amalgamation of three public education institutions in the province of Zambales which was established by virtue of Republic Act 8498, enacted on February 12, 1998. The RMTU Charter merged the former Ramon Magsaysay Polytechnic College (RMPC) established in 1910 in Iba, the Western Luzon Agricultural College (WLAC) founded in 1927 in San Marcelino and the Candelaria School of Fisheries (CSF) established  in Candelaria in 1965. The strengths of its parent-institutions served as springboard for accelerated institutional growth and development.

RMTU is mandated by law “to perform all kinds of academic activities within the commerce of man. However, the enabling law for the creation and operation of RMTU does not provide the necessary latitude for the state university to become abreast with other institutions of higher learning,” the PRMSU bill reads. The bill also asserts that with the rapid technological and scientific advancements at present, new ideas come to fore by the minute. Access to this information is beyond the current financial and technological capability of RMTU. Moreover, PRMSU bill avers that “only with a redesigned and redefined charter that RMTU can become at par with other public and private tertiary education institutions in the region and in the country.”

Henceforth, the proposed charter “will provide RMTU with the necessary elbow room to reformulate its academic offerings and instructions. Infusion of yearly allocation for the conduct of democratic and secular academic and vocational instructions is another feature of the bill that will hopefully allow RMTU to reach new and greater heights.”

As stakeholders, let us earnestly support the immediate passage of PRMSU bill if we want the university to become a premier university of science & technology, and eventually be transformed into a stronger and more comprehensive chartered state university!

Full text of the bill here. 


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