Batch Response of TOSP Batch SIBOL

The 2012 Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) Region III Finalists. Photo courtesy of R. Pagdanganan

Once in our lives we have idolized comic heroes. Well, perhaps until now, all those young at heart still hold on to the dream. Let me ask you again…

Sino nga ba sa inyo ang hindi nangarap maging si Superman? O si Batman? Sino naman sa inyo ang nangarap lumunok ng bato ni Darna, o magbuhat ng mabigat na barbell just to gain extraordinary physical strength and the extra pogi points?

Ngunit meron ba sa inyo na naghangad na maging si Bonifacio, Mabini, o Tandang Sora, o si Gabriela Silang? May nangarap bang maging si Dr. Jose Rizal, ang ating pambansang bayani?

When we were years, decades, or scores younger than our age today, to be a superhero was a goal of many of us. But while in the course of our dreaming, have we ever realized why we wanted to be a hero in the first place? Is it to acquire those super powers and be cool at school, or get back on those who hurt us? OR is it beyond this acquisition of powers like helping others through whatever skills given to you us a hero?

In a world we live in today, we are exposed to a fast-paced environment, with a jampacked set of obligations and another set of challenges to overcome. With all these, much is expected of us. And therefore, we are all called to be heroes. However, one prevailing fact today about this generation is that it is afraid to be a hero.

Bakit nga naman?

By definition and mainstream interpretation, to be a hero, one needs to die. Look at what happened to Rizal in Bagumbayan and what happened to the late Sen., the well-loved Tarlaqueno Ninoy Aquino.

We believe that to die is not the way to go to be a hero. Death and Martyrdom are not necessarily the basis of being regarded as a hero. Through one’s simple ways done persistently, he can be a hero in his own right. Like paying his taxes right, doing one’s job with integrity, or even as simple as keeping pieces of candy wrappers, in one’s pocket first rather than throwing it anywhere just to make him and things clean—I assure you that is not the way to cleanse.

Let SIBOL state our brand of nation building and heroism. Allow me to storytell how we became SIBOL, a group of individuals from the different provinces of the rich Central Luzon, with the same aim of making region 3, and the Philippines at a large, a place of heroes. Eventually, contributing to the betterment of our motherland.

We in SIBOL believe that our heroes—our noble predecessors—are the trees of heroism and inspired leadership. And these trees, in the hope of seeing themselves in the form of others to continue what they have started, have generously bestowed earth with what we call BINHI. AT ang mga binhing ito ay muli’t-muling sisibol upang dugtungan ang makabayang adhikain na matagal nang nasimulan, at patuloy na ipinaglalaban. Their fight is now our fight.

WE CAN WIN THIS FIGHT because we are not alone in this battle. Kilala niyo ba kung sino ang aming mga kasapi sa dakilang mithiin na ito? Look around. We know that everyone present here today are the people we can count on when it comes to nation building. KAYO po ang kaakibat, aming kaagapay. But we all know someone has to lead the pack. And since we are very privileged to lead a group of people towards what we envisioned our nation to be, the batch promises to:

Forever stay true with its ideals and principles towards nation building:

We will support the activities of R3ACH, Region 3 Alumni Community of Heroes, in the pursuit of producing promising leaders for the Philippines, and the government in its mission of uplifting the deprived, oppressed, and underserved.

We will foster every relationship that has been built not only during the formation, but more importantly, relationships established with other members of the society, for we believe that nation building starts with firmly founded relationships—that every little connection may bring about big positive outcomes.

We will keep our values intact with us for we believe that when one’s values are lost, he starts to lose his way—therefore losing the fight he promised to continue and win.

We will bring back the learning, experiences, talents shared with us by the Lord, to the people that most need it. We will pay it forward all for the glory of God.

And we promise to be living testimonies, that to be a hero meant no harm or violence inflicted to oneself. We promise to be successful in the fields we have chosen and gain our ranks with commitment, love, service, excellence, integrity, discipline, and faith in God.

Now, who would have thought that then children of Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Bataan, Zambales, Bulacan and Tarlac, who were no body before, are somebody now. Those considered zeroes before are now heroes today. Don’t be afraid. We also dreamt of becoming superheroes. But we realized that a better dream in the form of becoming real heroes for others must come true. Besides, we can be Panday or Darna without the superpowers but still can do heroic deeds for our fellowmen and our beloved country, the Philippines. Tayo na po’t Sumibol. SIBOL. Lupang Tinubuan, Lupang Paglilingkuran. Magandang Hapon po. Mabuhay po ang Central Luzon.


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