The AYLC Central Luzon Cluster

The Ayala Young Leaders Alumni Association- Central Luzon Cluster is one of the clusters of the Ayala Young Leaders Alumni Association (AYLAA). The cluster is composed of five chapters namely Bulacan,Nueva Ecija-Aurora,Pampanga, Tarlac, and Zambales-Bataan. Its members are the alumni of the Ayala Young Leaders Congress, the Ayala Group of Companies concrete expression of its commitment to nation building.

Giving high regards to the role of the youth in nation building, the Ayala Young Leaders Alliance Central Luzon Cluster firmly believes in promoting servant leadership to young leaders that will make a positive impact to our nations’ development and progress. We envision of forming community of individuals with great sense of pride for the country, moral courage and willing to be catalyst of change for the development of the nation.
Today, the youth is missing something vital that even statistics from national and agency-based surveys cannot possibly recognize. They no longer have the drive. They have gone on with their lives perfectly unaware of their gigantic role in the rise of this nation from the rubble of economic distress, chaotic governance, and poor quality education, deteriorating health priorities and even pressing environmental concerns. With the quality of life going down in a spiral, almost everyday is a struggle for many. Thus, the youth has expended their energy on trying their hardest to survive and the government’s lack of support towards this generation development has created an impasse on the road to nation-building.
But this does not mean that they no longer have the potential. They still remain as symbols of hope. Now more than ever. The Ayala Young Leaders Alumni Association(AYLAA-CL) still stands on the belief that the Filipino youth can bring this country to glory. They are our fountains of talents and skills and a wide future stretches itself before them. We just have to tap these young souls and spark in them the long-lost drive to development and patriotism through leadership and citizenship trainings.
There are so many youth camps, trainings and seminars sponsored by universities, local and non-government units along with major companies but only a few have been enlightened from it. These types of skill development are usually national in scope and are highly selective plus their programs are not specifically designed to rouse the youth’s leadership spirit.
The change of leadership in our country signaled a fresh start on the path to greater heights in the future. The Filipino people, especially the youth, should find the answers to the questions that bother our hearts and minds. It serves as a challenge to interpret and analyze our social, political and economic reality in our quest to unveil the truth.
And to realize this dream, the youth need an opportunity that provides holistic, comprehensive, and multi-stakeholder approach for addressing youth issues and concerns and as a country in general. We need an avenue, which instills the servant leadership framework as a way of paying it forward to their communities.

Ayala Young Leaders Alliance – Central Luzon Cluster Officers

Joseph G. Navarro (2007)
Cluster Head

Chapter Heads

Darren J. Gonzales (2010)
Nueva Ecija – Aurora

Danilo Rogayan Jr. (2011)
Zambales – Bataan

Mark Lodrigito (2010)

Ines Antonio (2008)

Joe-jit Velasquez (2008)

Mildred F. Ople (2005)
Cluster Adviser

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