1st PRA National Essay Writing Contest Update

An official statement coming from the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) relesed last December 1, 2011.

In view of the anticipated 1st PRA National Essay Writing Contest results, as previously scheduled to be released yesterday, November 30, 2011, this is to officially announce that the Selection Committee has concurred to course through and disseminate the names of the selected finalists and winners of this contest to their respective schools and universities.
There are eight (8) winners from the High School Level, and eight (8) winners from the College Level categories whose identities are going to be verified prior to a general public announcement.

Again, please bear with us, as we conclude this activity in time to reward these young writers in time for the Season of Christmas.

Thank you for your support.



  1. haha.. ganyan talaga, may be they are still in the soul searching process=). If who really deserve to win. I my self join the said contest. i my self is among those individual who are hoping to win, hahaha, asa!

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