First BIDA Ka! National Young Leaders Summit

October 28 to 30, 2011, Bohol Plaza Resort, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

Theme: “The Filipino Youth: Harnessing the POWER of GREATNESS!”

“Take the lead in forming your own individuality, try to lay the foundations of a Filipino nation.” Simoun speaking to Basilio in Noli Me Tangere, 1891


The First BIDA Ka! National Young Leaders Summit (BNYLS) is an event jointly organized by the Kabataang Pangarap ni Rizal (KAPARIZ) and Youth Leadership Excellence for Active Development Philippines (YouthLEAD Philippines). The First BNYLS expects to gather 400 young leaders from various youth and student organizations across the country.

Carrying the theme, “The Filipino Youth: Harnessing the Power of Greatness”, the three-day summit aims to inspire for the Filipino youth a strong desire for action and to nurture the power of greatness that is grounded on patriotism. KAPARIZ and YouthLEAD Philippines believe that like Rizal, there is a hero in each and every Filipino and that every small gesture of action is a concrete and meaningful step towards building a greater nation, a greater Philippines.

Translating this advocacy to a higher purpose, the BIDA (Building Initiatives for Desire and Action) Ka! Project, a five-year action platform that seeks to muster, empower, and commit the Filipino youth to take an active role in achieving the targets of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), will be launched during the First BNYLS. The eight MDGs – which range from halving extreme poverty to protecting the environment and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015 – form a blueprint agreed to by all the world’s countries, the Philippines included. For KAPARIZ and YouthLEAD Philippines, the MDGs represent what Dr. Jose Rizal fought and died for, pressing issues that need action from every Filipino – a message that KAPARIZ and YouthLEAD Philippines will echo during the First BNYLS as the nation continues to commemorate Rizal’s sesquicentennial birth this year. BIDA Ka! Project is a brainchild of YouthLEAD Philippines.

To prepare the youth for the BIDA Ka! Project, the First BNYLS, applying the concept of youth-to-youth approach, will be facilitating the delegates to an interactive learning experience. Motivational talks from high-powered speakers such as Leon Flores III of National Youth Commission, Jim Paredes of APO Hiking Society, Mae Paner also known as Juana Change, and Atty. Alex Lacson of Kabayanihan Foundation and author of the book 12 Little Things our Youth can do to help our Country will be rendered, followed by micro-group workshops and deepening exercises. Nikki Gil, WV Ambassador for Children and Education, will also be gracing the affair to rally the cause of the MDGs. A youth declaration that will be formulated by the delegates will also be presented during the closing ceremony to commit everybody’s part in the BIDA Ka! Project and a national assembly for the officers of KAPARIZ. During the last day, the delegates will be visiting parts of Bohol for another learning experience of how the island excelled as the best governed province in the Philippines today.

Lastly, apart from the BIDA Ka! Project, the delegates will also witness during First BNYLS the launching of the WikiPilipinas Rizaliana Portal, an online Rizal encyclopedia put together by KAPARIZ and Vibal Publishing. The objective of the endeavor was to provide easy access to any information regarding Rizal, particularly his writings.


Generally, the First BNYLS desires to achieve the following objectives for the delegates:

1. Learn and believe in the greatness of the Filipino nation;

2. Instill a consciousness of social relevance and patriotism in leading a dynamic and vibrant movement in uplifting the nation that concretely impact communities using the framework of the BIDA Ka! Project;

3. Inspire a strong desire for action and nurture a culture of greatness in community and nation-building exemplifying Rizal’s values and examples; and

4. Foster camaraderie among the delegates and establish a network of young leaders that will serve as channel for the post-summit advocacy and pursuit of the BIDA Ka! Project.


The registration fee per delegate for the First BNYLS is Five Thousand Eight Hundred Pesos (Php5,800.00). However, for payments on or before October 20, 2011, registration fee will be at Five Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (Php5,500.00) only. The registration fee will be inclusive of the following:

1. Two night accommodation: Check-in – noon, October 28; Check-out – noon, October 30

2. Meals and snacks : October 28: Am snacks, lunch, pm snacks, dinner; October 29: Full board; October 30: Breakfast, am snacks, lunch, pm snacks

3. Summit Kit: ID, bag, workbook, summit shirt, pen, notebook, and BIDA Ka! baller

4. Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Appearance

5. Prices for the on-the spot contests

6. Bohol tour

Please make your check payable to Kabataang Pangarap ni Rizal and deposit your payments at MetroBank: 151-3-151-93777-3. Please bring a copy of your deposit slip during the First BNYLS for verification purposes. However, during the summit proper, the National Organization Committee will only accept cash payments and will be issuing receipts under the name of YouthLEAD Philippines. Kindly process your registration (even if without any payment yet) with the National Organizing Committee on or before October 20, 2011 to avoid any inconvenience come start of the First BNYLS. Furthermore, there will be special awards and prices that will be given per delegation or individually, to wit:

1. Per delegation: Biggest Delegation, Early Bird: First to pay the registration fee, Early Bird: First to arrive during the Summit, Farthest Delegation, Most Lively Delegation (During the Recognition of Delegates), Best in Uniform (During the First Day)

2. On the spot contests individual: Essay, Short Movie Clip, Photo


The delegates who are expected to join the First BNYLS are young leaders individually or coming from the following organizations:

1. KAPARIZ local chapters;

2. National/Regional/Local-based youth organizations;

3. Sangguniang Kabataan Barangay Council, Municipal and Provincial Federations;

4. University/College/High school student governments/bodies/councils;

5. University/College/High school campus student organizations; and

6. University/College/High school student publications.


The First BNYLS is organized and managed by the National Organizing Committee that is composed of the following principal partners:

Order of the Knights of Rizal (KOR) is a statutory corporation chartered under Republic Act No. 646. Established in December 30, 1911, the organization is mandated by law to promote the ideals and teachings of Dr. Jose Rizal, particularly among the youth.

KAPARIZ is the youth arm of the KOR. Established in the late 1980, KAPARIZ serves as the umbrella organization of all existing Rizal youth groups in schools and communities nationwide. KAPARIZ members embody the ideals of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, and seek to develop social consciousness in every individual, dedication, leadership, honor, excellence, and enlightened nationalism.

YouthLEAD Philippines is a youth-centered and youth-oriented training institution that advocates for the active involvement of young leaders in community and nation-building through excellence and innovation in transformational leadership. Since its inception in January 2011, YouthLEAD has trained more than 2,000 young leaders across the country and continues to grow in spreading out the spirit of transformational leadership.


The venue of the training will be at Bohol Plaza Resort in Panglao Island. From the airport or seaport, one needs to take a 20-minute ride going to the venue. However, for the First BNYLS, Bohol Plaza Resort will be providing free transportation for the delegates from the airport or seaport to the venue then vice-versa. Please contact the National Organizing Committee on or before October 25, 2011 for your arrival and departure schedules. For more information about Bohol Plaza Resort, you may check their website at


To ensure the smooth flow of the First BNYLS, the delegates are reminded of the following:

1. Please coordinate your registration ahead of time with the National Organizing Committee. Accommodation shall be facilitated on a first come first serve basis.

2. During the registration, only the head of the delegation shall be involved. Pre-registered delegates need not to register again. Please bring with you your institutional identification cards.

3. Attire during the summit is working clothes. Wearing of sleeveless shirts and skirts are strongly discouraged. Be ready to squat. Please bring your own water bottles and medical kits.

4. Avoid bringing jewelries and electronic gadgets save for mobile phones, laptops or notebooks.

5. Please bring delicacies and tokens from your home province for the solidarity night and closing ritual.


Should you have concerns, please contact the National Organizing Committee through the following:

Landline: Telefax (02) 528-1973

Mobile phone: 09064314492 (Globe) 09217600968 (Smart)

Email address:

Facebook account: Bida Ka Leaders Summit


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