Miss Universe 2011 Results

September 13, 2011


Miss Universe: Angola (Leila Lopes)

First runner-up: Ukraine (Olesya Stefanko)

Second runner-up: Brazil (Priscila Machado)

Third runner-up: Philippines (Shamcey Supsup)

Fourth runner-up China (Luo Zilin)

Miss Universe Top 10 

1. Australia (Scherri-Lee Biggs )

2. Costa Rica (Johanna Solano )

3. Venezuela (Vanessa Gonçalves)

4. Ukraine (Olesya Stefanko)

5. Portugal (Laura Gonçalves)

6. Panama (Sheldry Sáez)

7. Philippines (Shamcey Supsup)

8. Angola (Leila Lopes)

9. China (Luo Zilin)

10. Brazil (Priscila Machado)

Miss Universe Top 16 


1. France ( Laury Thilleman)

2. Kosovo (Afërdita Dreshaj)

3. Columbia (Catalina Robayo)

4.China (Luo Zilin)

5. Angola (Leila Lopes)

6. Australia (Scherri-Lee Biggs )

7. Puerto Rico (Viviana Ortiz)

8. Brazil (Priscila Machado)

9. Netherlands (Kelly Weekers)

10. USA (Alyssa Campanella)

11. Ukraine (Olesya Stefanko)

12. Panama (Sheldry Sáez[)

13. Costa Rica (Johanna Solano )

14. Portugal (Laura Gonçalves)

15. Philippines (Shamcey Supsup)

16. Venezuela (Vanessa Gonçalves)

I’m still proud of you Shamcey!!!


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