National Crime Prevention Week

September 1, 2011 to September 7, 2011

Every first week of September of every year is declared as the National Crime Prevention Week pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 461 dated August 31, 1994. All government agencies and instrumentalities of government are enjoined to evolve and implement projects and activities that focus on prevention as an approach in combating criminality. This year’s National Crime Prevention Week considers the significant role of the youth in community-based crime prevention efforts. The celebration adopts the theme PiNoy Ako, Crime Prevention Misyon Ko!, complemented by the proactive slogan, Knock out Crime!

The overall purpose of the 2011 NCPW celebration is to create awareness and to increase commitment, youth participation and partnerships in the promotion of proactive approaches in reducing crime and victimization. The celebration is a means through which youth participation and youth development can receive the much needed focus in providing the momentum towards long-lasting partnerships among youth and school-based organizations in the Philippines. It should encourage students and all other young people to dedicate themselves in the prevention of crime.


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