What is your comment on President Aquino’s SONA?

The second SONA of President Aquino reached out the mass with his usage of Filipino as medium of communication. The form and style was excellently scribbled. I felt the power of every word in his speech. I believe that PNoy’s SONA brought renewed hope and inspiration to the people. However, the substance of his accomplishment report still lacks. I understand that the President has still five more years in office, I fervently expect that he will realize the promises he has avowed and accomplish more in the succeeding years.



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  2. President Aquino’s SONA was very promising and he can not achieve that by himself. He is not the only person elected and the only person who can do it. He needs the help of all the elected people to help him and not watch him and see him fall. His attempt to clean up the mostly corrupt government official which has been existed for decades is a mountainous job that will take a lot of courage and strength. The president has the best intention for this country and he is doing something and he is not a puppet. He has courage and does what the country needed most. like some elected official whose main agenda is to get their hands into the country’s tax monies. Not even looking at what they can do for their country and the needs of their people. Elected officials who are mostly criminals and not even a good outstanding citizen who should be a model to his country men are scared that President Aquino will expose them are now making President the ugly duckling. Trying to find all possible faults so that they can impeach him. This tremendous courage from the President should be appreciated and supported. But who can do this? Only the honest one and the intelligent Filipino who can not be swayed away by just reading the tabloids and listening to gossip and all black propaganda try to find reasons to impeach the HONORABLE PRESIDENT AQUINO. Sure he is not perfect but so far he is the best and honest President by far. He was championed by foreign countries for the miracle of change to clean up the most corrupt system of government there was in this country. He is by far a non-consuming choice of an elected official who will stand by his words of a clean and honest government.
    Dare to say this, as I have seen presidents come and go and have never seen a gutsy one as President Aquino who tried to stand by his word of honest and clean living himself.
    Corrupt officials and people who continue to rob the nation of its dignity and respect…. know that Mr Aquino is going to stop you from your continued corruption of the country / people’s money and trust… better change for the better now… or you will not see another re election… of calling on the people’s support and trust… we will place an indelible ink in our brains to achieve that!!!!. GOOD LUCK TO YOU MR. PRESIDENT. MAY THE GOOD LORD KEEP YOUR STRENGTH AND PROTECT YOU ALWAYS!

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