Leadership: Serving, Sustaining and Growing New Leaders

(This is the welcome address delivered by the author during the Induction Ceremonies and Acquaintance Party of Ramon Magsaysay Technological University – San Marcelino Campus held at the Multi-Purpose Covered Court, RMTU San Marcelino Campus, San Marcelino, Zambales on July 15, 2011.)

Danilo V. Rogayan Jr. renders his welcome address during the Induction Ceremonies and Acquaintance Party 2011. (Photo by Bryan Jester S, Balmeo)

To our highly-esteemed guest speaker Hon. Jesus Vicente H. Magsaysay II, represented by Ms. Rowena Quejada, Chief of Staff of our beloved Congresswoman, Hon. Mitos Magsaysay; to our very workaholic University President, Dr. Feliciano S. Rosete; our ever-supportive Campus Chancellor, Dr. Emma C. Ventura; our very persevering Campus Director for Instruction, Dr. Beverly I. Agustin; our very accommodating Vice Chancellor, Prof. Benjamin R. Capistrano; the very approachable Campus Director for Student Affairs, Prof. Luz N. Corpuz; our very untiring Chief of the Student Organizations, Prof. Marietta S. Romera; our highly-competent deans of various colleges, the equally competent members of the faculty, the officials of different campus organizations, my fellow students, friends, ladies and gentlemen, a splendid evening to one and all!

I am indeed so honored and privileged to welcome you all for tonight’s Induction Ceremonies and Acquaintance Party anchored on the theme, “Leadership: Serving, Sustaining and Growing New Leaders.” Few moments from now, we will witness our newly-elect student leaders of the different campus organizations, taking their oath and pledging their commitment towards the advancement of students’ rights and welfare and their noble contribution in the university development.

On a personal note, our tonight’s affair is very special for this would be my fourth and last time to witness the Induction Ceremonies and attend the Acquaintance Party as a student. Moreover, I’m thankful to Ma’am Leah, the SSG Adviser, for letting me once again to be in the podium, serving as the master of ceremony for the fourth time.

The theme of our tonight’s affair bespeaks of the three most indispensable roles of leadership – to Serve, to Sustain and to Grow new leaders, representing the initials of the highest student governing body of the institution, the SSG.

Leadership is about service – altruistic, dedicated and humble service. We are being elected into office not to be served but to serve our constituents.  Such service should not wait something in return because genuine leadership is never about personal aggrandizement but about responding to our responsibility to our fellow men. As student leaders, serve dedicatedly our fellow students and execute whatever is in your plan of actions.

Leadership is also about sustaining the passion and commitment towards a common goal. A true leader knows how to uphold the burning passion in leading others. His passion to serve drives him to realize his visions for his organization and his community as well.

Lastly, leadership is about growing new leaders. The greatest achievement of being a leader is to be able to grow another leader. Mentoring is very important in leadership. Remember that our position is just temporary. Soon, our positions will require new leader. And if we want to sustain the vision and mission of our respective organizations, then learn to empower leadership in your respective organizations.

To end, I would like to challenge you, my fellow student leaders, to make a difference in your respective organization. Initiate worthwhile projects and programs, walk your talk and serve with passion, commitment and sense of responsibility.

Once again, welcome to our Induction Ceremonies and Acquaintance Party!

Good evening and enjoy the night!


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