How much do you rely on media to gauge the performance of the government?

If I were to measure my dependence on media in gauging the performance of the government, I would rate it 9 in the scale of 10, with 10 as the highest. Though there are lapses sometimes, I always believe that media plays a very pivotal role in presenting the public with comprehensive and credible reports about various issues, especially reports on the performance of the government. In our university student publication, where I am a part of, we always uphold the culture of impartial reporting and ensure that every write-up to be published is factual and reliable, whether negative or positive. Through the campus paper, the stakeholders are being informed about the different events transpiring in the institution and in the community. Likewise, through this medium, they get to know the performance of the leaders both in the academe and in the local government through in-depth stories and opinion columns. Hence, I could say that media – from local to national scope and whether print, broadcast or digital – is indeed a dependable channel where public can rely on to verify if the government is doing its job well or not.


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