14th National Ayala Young Leaders Congress 2012

The journey towards Ayala Young Leaders Congress is a steep rocky mountain, arduous to climb, yet exciting and fulfilling to reach its summit. Preparing all the necessary documents for the application to this prestigious search really entailed sacrifice and patience. But I didn’t let myself be discouraged; I joined the search and submitted my application. And thanks GOD for I made it to the 13th AYLC with other 80 outstanding young leaders in the country. Now, it’s your turn, APPLY NOW!

About the Ayala Young Leaders Congress

The Ayala Young Leaders Congress is a concrete expression of the Ayala Group’s commitment to national development. It is the keystone of “Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders”, the youth leadership development program launched in 1998 by the Ayala group of companies as a strategic investment in the youth, and ultimately, in the future of the country. Ayala’s dream is to nurture a community and form a network of values-based and principled Filipino leaders committed passionately to nation building and to uplifting the lives of their fellow Filipinos.

AYLC is a student leadership summit participated in by 81 outstanding student leaders selected from the best colleges and universities across the country. The congress is designed to build the delegates’ confidence and hone their leadership skills, to nurture commitment to integrity and principled leadership, to foster nationalism and idealism, and to encourage faithful stewardship of their communities and the country’s future.

The four-day congress features talks, outdoor activities, plenary sessions and workshop group discussions. Well-known and highly respected leaders from government, civil society, business, the arts, media and entertainment share their own leadership stories and experiences and challenge participants’ perspectives and paradigms. Outdoor challenges develop a sense of self-efficacy, trust and teamwork among the participants and help build a community of learning that will be sustained after the congress. Small group workshops internalize learning and insights and plan application of learning.

After the congress, participants are expected to undertake a change project within one year after the congress guided by a chosen mentor. The congress gives participants an opportunity to network with their peers and develop bonds of mutual respect that will be sustained over the course of their lifetimes and as they assume positions of responsibility in government, private, and the social sectors. Their shared commitment to integrity and national development gives rise to productive dialogue and cooperation. AYLC alumni are envisioned to become a collective and powerful catalyst for change and national renewal.

Overview of the AYLC Application and Screening Process
AYLC draws nominees from over 250 partner schools** across the country. Partner schools can nominate a maximum of 10 students who meet all qualifications. The school’s Office of Student Affairs (or designated office) coordinates the nomination process and distribution of application details for each school. No fees are required to apply and schools are asked to make the selection process for its 10 nominees open and fair to all deserving and qualified students.          The AYLC Secretariat accepts only applications submitted and endorsed by the school. Any other application is automatically rejected. Nominees are screened and selected through a 3-stage process described below that considers the student’s leadership impact in his/her school and community involvements. Nominees who qualify for the panel interview will be notified by mail through the school’s student affairs office by October.

** Partner schools must have at least a level-2 accreditation rating from any of the recognized national accrediting organizations (PAASCU, FAAP, PACUCOA, PASUC, etc).


          The AYLC looks for outstanding student leaders with a track record of effective leadership, who possess a strong love for our country, a sincere desire to serve its people, and passion to bring about change in society. Nominees must meet the following qualifications:

Minimum Qualifications
Core Qualifications
  • Filipino citizen
  • Not older than 25 years of age by February 2012
  • First-time applicant to the congress
  • Bona fide regular undergraduate student of the school, in his/her penultimate year of undergraduate studies**, graduating in SY 2012-2013, and who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree for the first time
  • Within the top 25% of his/her college or department and has no more than one failing mark in any of his/her subjects.
  • Has not been subjected to any disciplinary case in campus nor has been charged and/or convicted in a civil or criminal case
  • Recognized, Active, and Effective student leader or officer in:
  • Recognized school organizations (e.g. student government, co-curricular, extra-curricular, cause‑oriented, religious organizations)
  • Community organizations (e.g. Local Government units, Parish-based Organizations, Socio-Civic Groups, Volunteer Organizations, etc.)
  • Model of integrity, discipline, and excellence
  • Sincere desire to serve and a passion to bring about positive change in society
  • Awareness of and involvement in national, community and school issues
  • Excellent communication skills

** Applicant must be a 3rd year student in a 4-year course, a 4th year student in a 5-year course, or a 5th year student in a 6-year course. Students in ladderized programs (straight AB – MA or BS – MS) must apply on their 3rd year of undergraduate studies. Students pursuing a seven-year medical degree should be in their third year of College. Students from trimester schools must have at least 2 semesters left prior to graduation at the time of the student’s participation in AYLC in February 2012.

Online Application Guidelines
Nominees must be responsible for the timely preparation and submission of all application information and requirements. All nominees must personally fill up Forms 1.0 to 7.0 online. Forms 8.1 to 8.3 are filled up by mentors/advisers while colleagues must fill up Forms 9.1 to 9.3. Read the application guidelines and instructions indicated in each of the online forms very carefully.
Other forms will be prepared and submitted to the AYLC Secretariat by the school as part of the nomination process. Do not submit documents not required by the secretariat (e.g. certificates).

  1. All nominees must complete their AYLC application online.Note: Only Mentor and Colleague Assessments (Forms 8.1 – 9.3) may be submitted as hard copies. If you choose to submit assessment forms as hard copies, ALL six (6) forms must be completed and submitted in this mode. Assessments submitted as hard copies must be sealed in a letter envelope with the name of the applicant indicated in the front of the envelope. The assessor must sign across the flap and submit the sealed and signed envelope directly to the designated School Official handling applications for AYLC.
  1. You are provided only one pair of username and password through the school’s office of student affairs or designated office. Misplaced, forgotten, or lost passwords will not be replaced.
  2. We advise you to organize and draft your application data and answers prior to filling up the online form. A set of application forms in hard copy is available through your school’s office of student affairs as a sample and guide in preparing your online application. You may also download them here.
  3. The online application system can be accessed via www.ayalayoungleaders.ph. Make sure you are using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser when accessing the AYLC online application system. Other web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) are not compatible with the system.
  1. The system allows you to save your data, to be edited and completed at another session. When filling out the form, we advise you save your entries periodically in case your internet connection gets disconnected.
  2. You are required to nominate three (3) mentors and three (3) colleague assessors and to provide a working email address for each one. Make sure the email address they give you is working properly and one that they check regularly. A notification will be sent directly to their email regarding your assessment. Inform and follow up regularly with your assessors about your online assessment. Your application will not be considered complete unless all your mentor and colleague assessments have been accomplished.
  3. Do not forget to upload a formal, solo 2in x 2in I.D. photo with white background. Your photo must be in jpeg format not more than 2MB in size. Please do not submit hand-held self-portraits and photos with poor resolution.
Online Submission Guidelines
  1. Deadline for applicants to submit the online application form is at 11:59PM of August 22, 2011.
  2. Review the accuracy of data inputted before submitting. Once you have submitted your form, changes to the inputted data will no longer be allowed. Any willful misrepresentation will be grounds for your disqualification.
  3. An email notification will be sent to you confirming the secretariat’s receipt of your application form. An email notification will also be sent to your school’s Dean/Head for Student Affairs (or his/her designate) regarding your submission. He/she will be allowed to access your form online and will be asked to verify the accuracy of the information you provided.
  4. The system also allows you to monitor which of your 3 mentors and 3 colleagues have given their assessment. Check the status section regularly and follow up on your mentors and colleagues.

The figure below summarizes the key steps in your online application and submission.

Usernames and passwords are available at the Office of Student Affairs for the school’s nominees.

You may also want to read my AYLC Experience here.
For further details, please visit: ayalayoungleaders.ph

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