From DPWH Chief to Zambales Gov

Now that we have made a stand for change, we must stand together as one Zambales, to work for the change that will bring progress to our province. SULONG ZAMBALES!!!

Gov. Hermogenes Ebdane and the author (in violet).

This what the Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary-turned Zambales Governor Hon. Hermogenes “Jun” E. Ebdane Jr. envisions for the unremitting  progress and development the province as he assumes the leadership of the provincial government last June 30. At first, I am too nervous to conduct the interview that time with the governor who is not only known in the province but in the whole country and even around the globe, as well. But my doubts of doing such didn’t hinder me to talk with the national icon, who has been in the national government for some years before running a local position in the province. He was the Secretary of the DPWH from July 2007-2010, his second appointment to the post. He was a member of the Philippine Military Academy class of 1970, and has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) where he obtained from the Mapúa Institute of Technology.

As we are talking, my first impression to him as strict and unapproachable immediately banished. I don’t know why but the sincerity of his words melted my pessimistic notions. He shared his experiences in the national government prior to his current position. I honestly told the governor that I am really not aware that he’s from Zambales but I know him very much specifically in his DPWH chief image, as I always see his name in the daily broadsheet and in national television. He shared that he was born December 30, 1948 at Sinabacan, Candelaria, Zambales. His parents are Hermogenes Elacion Ebdane Sr. and Rosario Elardo Edejer. He is happily married to Ms. Alma Cabanayan and was gifted with five children.

During my interview, I asked him about his plans for the province and I’m glad to know that he is really doing his best to lay the foundation for development in the province by effecting “systematic change” in his administration as magnified in his first 100 days report held at the Provincial Capitol grounds last October 27. “The first 100 days of my tenure, we have laid the foundation for the realistic development of the province and enhanced the effectiveness of the provincial government in delivering social services,” Ebdane said.” “We now take pride in our renewed vigor and capacity to realize our common vision as members of Team Zambales.”

Gov. Ebdane, in his report, said that among the notable innovations made under his administration are enhanced revenue generation, a leaner and better-equipped bureaucracy, expanded social services, and an improved system for managing resources. He likewise talked about transparency which “compels us to be honest about how we manage the province of Zambales, and the trust we gain as a result gives us a harvest of support and cooperation from the citizenry. With transparency and trust, we can achieve more, accomplish tasks better, and attain progress faster.”

The Zambales governor stressed that the provincial government has collected P2.24 million in revenues for the past three months, compared to P2.23-million six-month collection recorded by the previous administration from January to June 2010. Consequently, Ebdane said his administration has reduced the budget deficit it has inherited by 28.3 percent, or from P48.6 million in end July to P34.9 million today. According to him, this accomplishment only proves that the provincial governments can double its effectiveness “when we put the welfare of our province above all other considerations.”

He also mentioned that the strict enforcement of the laws and regulations that govern mining and quarrying activities in the province initiated the financial turnaround, which led to the proper monitoring and accounting of local resources and the protection of the environment. Likewise, he said that his policy on resource utilization will not sacrifice the environment for extra revenue: “We do not care for the fines that irresponsible miners would have to pay. Environmental protection and ecological balance are our utmost concerns.” At the same time, he announced inroads made in the last 100 days in the areas of health and welfare, peace and order, agriculture, employment services, and systems upgrading. Ebdane added that his administration has lined up two highway projects to provide the province with a “fast-lane to progress.”

Above all of these, we look forward for more dynamic innovations and modernizations for Zambales as we work harmoniously with the Gov. Ebdane towards achieving the real progress and development we years for so long!


Author’s Note:

This article was published in the Feature Page of the Technoscribe, the official student publication of Ramon Magsaysay Technological University – San Marcelino Campus, San Marcelino, Zambales, Vol. XII No. 1 issue (June – October 2010).


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