Sesquicentennial Creed of Rizalism

Written by Danilo Villar Rogayan Jr., Ramon Magsaysay Technological University – San Marcelino Campus, san Marcelino, Zambales

(This creed was recited during the Rizal Festival 2011: Pepe at 150 on June 17, 2011 at RMTU San Marcelino Campus with Edjohn Harold F. Tomboc on the lead)

I believe in the Rizalian virtues and values.

I believe that I am the hope of the nation, and I will go and fulfill it.

I believe that education is important in the development of a nation and its people, and should be inculcated or integrated with the development of the community.

I believe that ignorance is slavery, thus I will share my knowledge for the benefit of my countrymen.

I believe in peaceful reforms, fighting through the might of pen rather than taking up the guns and swords.

I believe that awakening the souls of every Filipinos to assert their rights as citizens of this nation and more importantly as human beings, is essential.

I believe in the infallibility of Science, not only as a source of truth, but as a conqueror of oppression.

I believe in the propagation of our culture, of our identity and of our way of life.

I believe that the youth should contribute to nation-building and should be an agent of social change, proliferating sense of patriotism to his fellowmen.

I believe that one should give importance to national liberty and be a crusader of the country’s freedom for love of country should supplant all other considerations.

I believe that equality, truth and justice should always prevail in the society, respecting human dignity and morality.

I believe that we can move forward only if we work together, combining our energies toward a common goal and finding direction from the lessons of the past.


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