Pinoys develops new Facebook game

MANILA, Philippines –  A group of Filipinos has developed a new game in the social networking site Facebook for racing enthusiasts in the country.

The game called World Racers, developed by Makati-based Inkstone Inc., introduces the concept of social broadcasting to Facebook gaming, according to Inkstone technical director Paul Gadi.

“World Racers game is a free to play game that allows players to team up with a friend and enter a virtual race around the world,” Gadi said.

He said social broadcasting combines the trends of user generated content, social networking, and gaming.

“Players generate videos from their game play that they share with other Facebook users. These Facebook users become fans of the players and can affect the outcome of the race by supporting their favorite teams with in-game cash and even penalize opposing teams with time penalties,” Gadi said.

As part of the launch of World Racers, Gadi said Inkstone will be hosting the World Racers Philippine Tournament exclusive for local enthusiasts.

Gadi announced the tournament will commence in June.

Last year, a group of Filipinos developed the game Alter Space, the first Philippine-made Facebook game aimed at educating the public on how to reduce their carbon footprint.

In the Philippines, 54 percent of social networking site users cite gaming as the primary reason they log on.

As of January this year, there are currently 21,759, 280 Filipinos using Facebook. –Helen Flores,


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