RMTU Graduates… Globalizing the society

Ramon Magsaysay Technological University (RMTU) stands tall today as a one of the leading state universities not only in the region but also in the nation as well. It continues to create linkages to other institutions locally and globally as it keep on realizing its vision as a university for sustainable development in a globalized society.

For many years now, RMTU keeps on taking the pace towards modernizing its higher education geared towards excellence in providing instruction, undertaking research and extension and providing advanced studies and progressive leadership in various fields relevant to the development not only of the province but for the country’s development as well.

RMTU’s higher education is the foundation of human development and social progress as it offers a variety of courses of which students can select from, ranging from agricultural to technological courses. It guarantees individual development, promotes formation of intellectual, spiritual and industrial potential of a society as  RMTU graduates become the partners of the society in transforming it to a globalized one.

The development of a country, structural transformations at the micro- and macroeconomic levels should proceed in harmonious agreement with modernization of education so as to meet the needs and aspirations of people, especially young people, to set up a new system of social values in the sphere of activities both in civil and private sectors.

As RMTU hold its 11th Commencement Exercises anchored on the theme, “RMTU 2011: Setting the Trend in Modernizing Higher Education in a Globalized Society,” it is expected that the newly-graduates will be able to uphold the indispensable knowledge, values and proficiency  provided to them by the university  as they become agents of modernizing higher education through their chosen fields that will consequently create a globalized society which responds to the trends and needs of the times.


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