Decomposers: Rice Wash and Molasses

Here is another study conducted by our group – the Biological Science Major students during our Ecology course.


Decomposers are vital components of the nutrient cycle.  Without decomposers, nutrients would not cycle back into our environment and waste would accumulate at an alarming rate.  If decomposers did not exist, within a month the earth would be covered in a layer of dead flies almost twenty feet deep!  Thankfully, decomposers consume dead plant and animal matter, so the nutrients contained within them can be reused.  Likewise, if nutrients were not recycled in our environment they would not be available to other organisms.

Decomposers can be used as an organic foliar fertilizer. Spraying also allows plants to benefit from the pesticidal properties of the decomposer. Apart from inhibiting arthropod pests like aphids and spider mites, it also suppresses plant diseases (ex. Pythium) and plant parasitic nematodes (ex. root knot nematodes).

Decomposer is also an excellent plant growth promoter and soil amendment. According to soil scientists, using decomposer produces major growth differences between plants grown on soil and water and those grown on soil and decomposer. “The presence of plant growth regulators in the decomposers can influence plant growth significantly independent of nutrient availability.”


To read the rest of the paper, download here:



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