Ebdane sets new tourism strategy for Zambales

IBA, Zambales, Philippines – Governor Hermogenes E. Ebdane, Jr. revealed Friday a new strategy to meet tourism targets for 2011 – the promotion of “chain destinations” instead of individual recreation areas to attract tourists.

Ebdane said that by introducing chain destinations, the province will be banking on building target markets for extreme adventure, water sports and nature trips rolled into one package.

“We are targeting these niches because we want tourists who are different from those who come in buses, bring their baons, swim for a day in our beaches and leave in the late afternoon,” he said.

The governor said that the province has a lot of tourism potentials and resources but the government needs to focus to really identify a market that will solely be Zambales’ own.

“The truth is we are still testing the waters, so to speak, on how best to market Zambales as a tourist destination…We are getting there, albeit slowly,” Ebdane said.

The governor said adventure enthusiasts are increasing in number and that discovering the potentials of the province as an ideal locale for various adventure tourism activities will pull them in.

To highlight this tourism strength of Zambales, Ebdane’s people organized the “Zambapalooza” event – a skim-surf-skate tournament which was staged in San Narciso town last October. It drew droves of tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Among the new events lined up by the provincial government are motocross races – one up north and another down south, sometime in March at the Sta. Cruz-Mangatarem Road and the Botolan-Capas Road. – Franco G. Regala | mb.com.ph



  1. Dear Governor Ebdane,
    I was the former Executive Director of Boracay Foundation. During my term (2008-2010) the Russians has been extended 21-day stay in the Philippines and since most of them are middle class corporate or group who can spend a lot, they are also more looking into adventures and historical tours other than the sun sand and sea.
    Your province of Zambales should reinvent tourism industry beyond the 4 A[s of emerging travel destination like Combodia or Vietnam.
    First A is ARRIVALS and you have that!!! Clark International Airport, NLEX and the fleet of first class buses.
    Second A is Accommodation – beside hotels, hostels and resorts create a home sharing with owners ancestral homes along the road. Here tourists will be acquirng hands on or on the site experiences on zambalenos way of life from sunrise to sunset.
    Third A – Adventure – here maximized your terrain, even your lahar fields, your verdant forests with exotic birds and flowers…. etc.. Even the trip to the eata community can be a fantatic adventure – their hunting and fishing style is a culture by itself.
    Fourth A is ATTRACTION ! Your sweet mango can be on top of the lists!
    Congratulations and good luck.
    Virgie I. Sarabia
    email address : specialproject_water@yahoo.com
    mobile no – 0918 5908402

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