Dominguez faces 31 cases

MANILA, Philippines – Raymond Dominguez, one of the suspects in the kidnap and murder of car dealer Venson Evangelista is facing a total of 31 cases, most of which deal with carjacking.

Of the 31 cases, 20 involve carjacking, said Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Raul Bacalzo. The rest involve other crimes such as illegal possession of firearms.

In all instances, Dominguez was able to post bail.

There could probably be one episode where he met Alfred Mendiola and Ferdinand “Batibot” Parulan in jail, Bacalzo said.

Both recently confessed to their involvement in the brutal slay of Evangelista. The 2 are pointing to Dominguez and brother Roger as the masterminds behind the slay.

Bacalzo admitted that Dominguez has long been in the police’s watch list.

“We are monitoring a lot of cases…Our surveillance could not cover everything,” said Bacalzo when asked how Dominguez could probably do one crime after another.

“We can’t read the criminal mind,” he added.

Nonetheless, police have gained enough evidence that would link the Dominguezes to the Evangelista case as well as the murders of Emerson Lozano and Ernani Sensil.

Source:, Posted at 01/24/2011 7:20 PM


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