Thomas Aquinas and Augustine’s Philosophies



This paper renders a comparative analysis of philosophical tenets of two chosen philosophers. These are the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas and the philosophy of Augustine. The author compared the two philosophers consistent with their convictions and principles on faith and reason, God’s existence, and theory of knowledge as well as the analytical presentation of their essential philosophical approaches and conclusions.

The thoughts of Thomas Aquinas and Augustine are but imitations of the gestures of their philosophical heroes, Plato and Aristotle.  Augustine is pointing up to the heavens, and Aquinas gesturing toward the earth as substantiated by their respective epistemologies or perspectives with the nature and scope of knowledge. However, their thoughts interweave as well.  There are both similarities and differences within the epistemologies of these two philosophers as expounded in the Comparative Analysis.

The analytical comparison of the two sets of thoughts is critically formulated basing from the philosopher’s metaphysical and theoretical thinking with the derivation of extensive conclusion from their beliefs. The argumentative comparison is thoroughly explicated in the Comparative Analysis where a variety of philosophical schemes were discussed.

To read more… download the comparative paper here:

Thomas Aquinas and Augustine’s Philosophies

Comparative Analysis Paper

Thomas Aquinas and Augustine’s Philosophies



College of Education

Ramon Magsaysay Technological University



  1. Hi sir!

    I am Arcie F. Baric from the order of St. Augustine, i read your work and it so nice. I am doing now my term paper entitle “The Just War Theory of Aquinas as an Appropriation of Augustine’s Just War Principles,” I got something idea from your paper that will lead me to understand more in contrasting this two philosophers. Thanks and God-bless…

    Bro. Arcie

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