Guinness World Records I

Guinness World Records™ has become a household name and the global leader in world records. No other enterprise collects, confirms, accredits and presents world record data with the same investment in comprehensiveness and authenticity.

Here are the first batch of  my collection of amazing pictures of the Guiness World Record Holders.

Kareena Oates was able to hula 100 hoops at one time on the set of Guinness World Records, at Seven Network Studios, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 4 June 2005.

Georges Christen (Luxembourg) tore from spine to outer edge a total of 28 French telephone directories, each containing 1,032 pages in two minutes on the set of L'Été de tous les records, Le Touquet, France, on 21 July 2003.

Tom Leppard (UK) is one of the most tattooed person in the world with 99.9% of his body covered. He lives on the Isle of Skye and opted for a leopard skin design, with all the skin between the dark spots tattooed saffron yellow.

Gary Rothwell of Liverpool, England, was dragged behind a motorcycle at a speed of 251.54 km./h (156.3 m.p.h.) on 2 mm (0.07 in.) titanium-soled boots at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Leicester, England on April 18, 1999.


Leonardo D'Andrea (Italy) smashed 22 watermelons with his head in one minute on the set of Guinness World Records: 50 Years, 50 Records, at London Studios, London, UK, on 11 September 2004.

Xi Shun (China, b. 1951) visits France and the set of La Nuit Des Records in France 2006. He measured 2.361 m (7 ft 8.95 in) as a result of six measurements taken on 15 January 2005 at Chifeng City Hospital, Inner Mongolia, China.

Joachim Hindren climbed a vertical wall onto a platform 3.01 m (9.87 ft) high with his trial motorbike at the studios of Guinness World Records, Helsinki, Finland on 20 October 2001.



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