From Zygote to a Whole Social Being

Every man’s goal of pursuing happiness in the fulfillment of life can only be achieved by attaining the most in his individual development, and by contributing the greatest to the cause of humanity. The first is developing himself into a whole man, and the second is responding to his social responsibility to his fellow man.

From the day of my conception, the day when I was formed as a zygote, then as blastocyst, and turned to embryo, to fetus until I was born as a healthy baby and grew up as a man, I know that my existence has a purpose. I always believe that all that have transpired in my life in the past 19 years of my survival are all worthwhile and have purposes. Of which purpose will only be uncovered once I reflected on what I have done. It is not the experience which I can say the best teacher but rather the reflected experiences. These experiences that I have reflected changed my perspectives in life from good into better ones. Consequently, these helped me to learn more about life, about human existence into this fast-paced changing world.

September 13, 1991, the inception of my journey in the thing called life. Life, which I view as a constant journey, is an indispensable part of my whole being. Without it, I will not be able to see the splendor of the world, its hidden treasures, its concealed complexities, the emerging afflictions and struggles and most indispensably, my mission to perform in this world.

Years before, mild and innocent that I was, I still do not know yet what my mission is, my goal, the purpose of my existence but several years later, I was able to decipher what God wants me to do, not only to develop myself as a man and as a social being, but also to develop myself in responding to my social responsibility to my fellow man. This was substantiated in almost all my noble endeavors that I’ve been doing the past years of my stay in this world of uncertainty.

I was born as a servant leader, no doubt about it, for I have always been in the service of the marginalized sector, those who are in dire need, and those who are screaming for help. The burning passion of extending my selfless help to others has been relentlessly circulating within me. People have always been asking me, “aren’t you getting tired?” Well, it’s true, serving other people is not an easy task, it’s arduous and grueling, but in my case, it’s not for I have the ardent yearning to effect change in the lives of others. As what I am always saying, it’s what I want to do and I think I was born to do such. In its deepest sense, I am serving others not only for my personal transformation but for the development as well of other people, physically, socially, spiritually and egoistically. For I exist here on Earth to contrive substantial changes in other’s lives.

Likewise, I have the firm conviction that I was born to be a writer. A writer tasked to express and not to impress. In my almost 11 years of being a campus scribe, I found the meaning of my work as a crucial yet exciting venture. Crucial in a sense that I should be open in both destructive and constructive criticisms waiting to be hurled towards me, on the other hand, exciting because I will be able to use my simple pen in creating big transformation not just in the institution where I am affiliated to but also to the community and to the whole nation where I belong.

It is really a good feeling that through the power of my pen, I am able to mark a difference in the lives of others, in their way of living, in their actions. And it’s a greater feeling to note that people are being constructively influenced in the articles I am scribbling, changing their outlook in life into better perspective towards attaining the real change. I can’t also deny the fact that I am writing not only because I want to create impact in the lives of others, but also because of the prestige entailed in my pen. Seeing my name in the collegiate gazette, in a journal or in a newsletter, is an overwhelming reward of my writing sacrifices. It’s intricate to compose an article, but with the impetus within me to be an agent of transformation, the writing process is getting smoothly.

I was born 19 years ago, destined to be a servant leader and as a writer… this is the very purpose of my life. While I am extending my help through various community outreach programs and other noble service-oriented endeavors, and while I am writing articles worthwhile to the community, I will always be developed into a better individual, improved social being and a whole man driven with purpose in life.

To end, the true measure of a man is not found in what he can do, nor what he intends to do, but in what he has done and the meaning of what he is doing.

Author’s Note:

This essay was written as a requirement in Social Philosophy subject of the author.


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