My Irrevocable Decision

Honestly, I have no idea how to start this piece of writing. I mean, with all the things happened, I can’t help but to just keep mum of the issue. But for the sake of having a peace of mind, I want to voice out what I feel, unless I want myself be erupted just like a raging volcano.

It was December 9, 2010, few seconds after our publication meeting, I was in my way out, when suddenly I was handed a folded white bond paper by one of my publication staff. I had no idea about the thing he gave me so I just smiled at him and then walked to my next class. When I got inside the room, I immediately opened the folded bond paper and I found out that it was a letter.

I started perusing the text inscribed in the paper and I found myself reading a resignation letter. I was honestly shocked that time making me read that letter three times; trying to decipher each word written into it. What made me terribly shocked was the fact that the letter was not just a resignation of one staff but five.

“Is this a mass resignation?” I asked myself. I even confronted myself that time. What did I do wrong? Did I offend anybody among them causing them to resign? Am I that harsh and inconsiderate for them to tender their resignation letter? Questions kept traversing my mind that time. I was trying to pacify myself; frantic to know the real reason.

I went over the letter again when I came home. That very piece of paper was really something to me. Being the chief editor of the publication, ‘twas really hurting in my part that such incident was transpiring. As I read the letter again, I noticed the inside address, the name of the publication was misspelled, I didn’t know if it was committed accidentally. The inside address was written TECNNOSCRIBE instead of TECHNOSCRIBE, the name of our publication. I didn’t want to misinterpret that error but to note that these staffers were in the publication for more than a year, they should’ve been well verse in the correct spelling of the publication’s name, which I personally believe that the name of the publication is a very sacred thing.

I likewise noticed the way IRREVOCABLE RESIGNATION was written, ‘twas written the way I did here. It was an emphasis which only meant that they were really resigning and their decision is impossible to retract.

The next day, after my first class, I went to my pub adviser and gave her the letter. I didn’t say any word when I handed it, I just waited. After few seconds, she called the attention of the editorial board – including me, the associate editor and all the section editors to come over at the publication office that very moment. We all responded. We were five except the Literary Editor.

Just like what our by-laws and constitution states, a formal resignation letter should be given if one desire to resign in the publication and it will be decided by the editorial board via majority of votes.  And that was what we did; we discussed the content of the letter, analyzed and gave our respective viewpoints on it. After minutes of deliberation, we called the five staffers to personally ask their views on their resignation.

I got a copy of both the Tabloid and Newsletter issue of the publication for this academic year, and was reading these when five staffers went in the room. I kept myself busy reading and was trying to compartmentalize my thoughts and words to say by and by. My adviser started the forum and she enumerated the three reasons given by these staffers in their resignation letter.

First was time management. They said that they can no longer handle the responsibilities entailed in their positions. Among them was a Literary Editor, the other one was a Circulation Manager and the other three were all Junior Reporters. They asserted in their letter that they were affiliated in other organizations inside and outside the academe thus, time management is a big issue for them. I understand their first reason.

Second, they were pressured and tired; not only in performing their obligations but likewise, they were confronted with many tasks in their academic subjects. I found this reason understandable.

Third and last reason they cited – they were worthless anymore! From this reason given, our adviser asked them one by one as to why they said such. Their respective answers to the question echoed into my ears and to the four corners of the office. As to my assessment, some of them honestly and boldly gave their responses, some even cried while giving their answers but some of them answered in a very superficial way, in other words, without substance!

The third reason for me was vague and ambiguous. It was hurting! Although they shared their sides, still I was not satisfied and asked myself again that time how did they arrive with that notion. Being their editor in chief, it was very sad to note that they were resigning under my editorship. That’s why when I gave my vote I said to them:

“I really feel bad in your mass resignation especially under my administration. But as you asserted in your letter, you are tendering your IRREVOCABLE RESIGNATION. That means, you yourselves should be the first one to know what you want for yourselves. You have made your decision and I conform to you. I am for YES.”

My YES meant that I am allowing them to resign. Though hurting, I had made my irrevocable decision. Another decision I’ve made in my life, this time, with so much discreetness and prudence. And I am confident that I made a righteous decision. And the decision of the editorial board emerged – they were officially RESIGNED effective December 10, 2010. Nevertheless, I fervently hope that they would not regret crafting their decision to leave the publication. I am with optimism that they should stand on their decision dignifiedly!

After the forum, they crossed the board towards me. They even whispered “thank you” and I smiled back and tapped them at the back! I felt the thorn out of me in that scenario. Finally, my burden banished. Just like one of the staff who resigned said, “trabaho lang, walang personalan.” So true, there is lot of changes that might happen in an organization, in every thing. Change is really inevitable and from this I wasn’t able to escape the change – the resignation of some of my staffers.

Now, I am looking forward to innovating more changes in the system of the publication. I will relentlessly work for the betterment of the publication. I will double my commitment, as committed as possible, and I am determined to end my editorship in April 2011 with significant legacies and dynamic innovations to leave. And just like what I said in my Facebook status when I got home:

Thank you guys – Liniel, Christian, Elma Mae, Marianne and Arnel – for letting me learn the virtue of genuine commitment and the value of good decision-making! Thanks for those days of press works and pub meetings we had. Till we work with each other again! Adieu!


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