Technoscribe emerged victorious in 10th ATSPAR RTPC

RMTU – SM named 10th Best Performing Campus in Region III

ABUCAY, BATAAN – Technoscribe, the official student publication of Ramon Magsaysay Technological University (RMTU) – San Marcelino Campus reaped several group and individual awards in the concluded 10th ATSPAR Regional Tertiary Press Congress (RTPC) held at the Raven Resort here, Nov. 17 – 19.

Technoscribe: Victorious Delegation


RMTU San Marcelino Campus was awarded 10th Best Performing Campus in Region III after the publication garnered 5th Place and 6th Place Best in Newsletter and Tabloid Category, respectively.

Technoscribe: 5th Place Best Newsletter and 6th Place Best Tabloid


The Technoscribe Newsletter was adjudged 2nd place in Best Literary/Feature Page, 3rd Place in Best Editorial/Opinion and Best Sports Page, 4th Place in Best News Page and Best Page Design, and 5th Place in Developmental Communication (DevcOm) Page.

The publication’s tabloid was awarded 2nd Place in Best Sports Page and 5th in Best DevCom Page and Best Page Design.

Likewise, Technoscribe staffers proved their prowess in writing as they clinch several awards in the individual categories with three of them reaching the top five to qualify for the Luzonwide Tertiary Press Congress (LTPC).

Danilo V. Rogayan Jr., publication’s Editor in Chief, was awarded 4th Place Individual Highest Pointer after winning two silver medals in DevCom Writing (English) and Copyreading and Headline Writing (English).

Danilo V.Rogayan Jr. was awarded 4th Place Individual Highest Pointer after winning 2nd Place in DevCom Writing (English) and 2nd Place in Copyreading and Headline Writing (English).

Bryan Jester S. Balmeo, Technoscribe Associate Editor, and Manuel Q. Garcia Jr., publication’s Junior Reporter, garnered 3rd place in Poetry Writing (Filipino) and Photojournalism (English), respectively.

Bryan Jester S. Balmeo receives his 3rd Place medal in Poetry Writing Filipino.

Manuel Q. Garcia Jr. receives his bronze medal in Photojournalism English.

Rogayan, Balmeo and Garcia will advance to the LTPC come February next year to be held at Baguio City.

The Luzonwide Qualifiers with the Adviser: Rogayan, Garcia, Balmeo and Ms. Bundang.

Other individual winners who managed to clinch a place in top ten ranks of their respective categories were James E. Robison, (7th place in Feature Writing, English), Monina Joy S. Ico, (8th place in Comic Strips Making, Filipino), Edjohn Harold F. Tomboc, (10th place in Photojournalism, Filipino) and Balmeo (10th Place in Opinion Writing, Filipino).

Technoscribe staffers managed to clinch a place in the top ten ranks of their respective categories.

Headed by Ms. Lorina P. Bundang, Technoscribe adviser and Mr. Bernard M. Cambe, other delegates in the said three-day press congress include Luzzel P. Antonio, Lashaundra Mae D. Ballon and Jeffrey de Jesus.

Congratulatory tarpaulin from Chancellor Emma C. Ventura, Ed.D.



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