Lucky Grand Lotto winner placed bet in SBMA

MANILA, Philippines  – The luckiest person who won the biggest jackpot in the history of the Philippine lotto placed the winning bet in Olongapo City, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) said Tuesday.

Arnel Casas, PCSO central operations manager, told ANC’s “Headstart” that the lone winner bought the winning ticket inside the lone lotto outlet inside the Subic Bay Freeport.

A radio dzMM report quoting PCSO Chairwoman Margie Juico said that the winner placed the bet at the Nisitas Garcia lotto outlet.

Casas said the lone winner’s 6-number combination (11-16-42- 47-31-37) was literally “lucky pick” or was randomly picked by the PCSO computer.

The Olongapo City bettor, whose identity has yet to be determined by the PCSO, won the highest lottery jackpot in Philippine history.

The P741,176,323.20 lotto prize was won after 6 months of thrice weekly draws. It started in May 15, 2010 with starting jackpot of P30 million.

Monday’s draw was the second 6/55 Grand Lotto jackpot with a winner since the game was launched April 19, 2010.

The first 6/55 Grand Lotto jackpot prize, also won by a lone bettor, was P134,629,873.20.

The prize is tax-free and will be given in a single tranche in the form of a check, the PCSO said.

Casas said that the lucky winner should drop by the PCSO main office and present the thermal paper receipt with the winning combination and at least one valid ID to claim the prize.

The winner would be issued a check and has the option of depositing or encashing the check.

The PCSO said 66 bettors won the second prize for guessing 5 of the 6 numbers. A total of 5,108 who had 4 correct numbers won third prize while 99,541 won fourth prize.

SBMA outlet owner also a winner

Casas said that the PCSO also gives out incentives or an agent seller’s prize to lotto outlets where the winning ticket was bought.

He said the SBMA lotto outlet owner would get the highest incentive given to an agent, which amounts to P500,000.

The 6/55 Grand Lotto began with a minimum jackpot prize of P30 million before it ballooned as no one correctly guessed the winning combinations for succeeding draws until Monday.

The 6/55 Grand Lotto has the highest jackpot among the different lottery games in the country. Each bet, which costs P20, has one in 29 million chances of winning the 6-digit combination.

The soaring jackpot has enticed Filipinos from various sectors of society to cast their bets.

It reached a point that a number of lotto outlets almost ran out of cards and thermal paper and forced some lotto operators to manually input bets.

The large jackpot prize has generated concerns from certain individuals, such as Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone, who has suggested placing a cap on the jackpot prize of lotto draws because it allegedly promotes gambling among Filipinos.

By, posted at 11/29/2010 10:25 PM | Updated as of 11/30/2010 11:05 AM

Personal Note

I actually received the news last night via text message that there was already a winner in the Lotto jackpot, though I’m planning to cast my bet to try my luck in getting the biggest jackpot prize in the Lotto history.  I always believe that I really am not into it but I could undoubtedly say that it is indeed fascinating to bet into such game which might give you not only thousands but millions of pesos. My classmates welcomed me the following day in the academe and told me the “good news” and yelled it in chorus, “taga Zambales ang Lotto grand winner, ang swerte naman nya!” Yes, I conform to their conclusion, the winner is more than fortunate to receive such prize. But in the back on my mind, questions keep beleaguering me. What will he do to the money? Where he would spend it for? And many more questions regarding his instant wealth.

I fervently hope that the 6/55 Grand Lotto winner will impart the blessings he has received. I am not asking for my share but at least a share for those people who are in need, who badly yearn for even a little amount just to satisfy their hunger and thirst, to the charity foundations who assist and extend help to marginalized sectors in the society, to the cancer patients who battle for survival and even to the street children who have the burning passion to experience schooling.

Well, let’s hope for the best! May this BIG amount makes a BIG difference not only to the winner but to his fellows as well!


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